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10863933243 Identity Theft.

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2|22609|identity%20theft||S|b| 10863933243 Identity Theft

3 The Facts Since 2004, identity theft has decreased by 44% In 2011, only 11.6 million Americans had their identity stolen……………………..

4 What is it? a form of stealing someone's identity typically in order to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that person's name How is it done? Through the internet (unsecure server), not logging out on a public computer, not shredding documents (bills, etc.), through phone conversations, leaving pay stubs or banking receipts around

5 How can we protect ourselves from ID theft? NEVER: – use non-secure internet (free wifi) for anything other than browsing or researching – put your full birthdate on a *sn site – Forget to log off public computers – Give your birthday, full name and/or ss# over the phone, internet, mail ALWAYS: Shred documents with personal info Cut up old credit/debit cards and disperse in different receptacles *sn= social networking

6 How do we report ID theft? IMMEDIATELY contact issuer of IDs/ cards stolen Contact a credit agency: TransUnion, Experion, Equifax Close any fraudulent accounts File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission File a police report

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