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Preventing Mail Theft Presented by American Crime Prevention Institute.

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1 Preventing Mail Theft Presented by American Crime Prevention Institute

2 Preventing Mail Theft Mail Theft  Identity Theft is the #1 white collar crime in the US.  One in three cases involving identity theft occurs via the mail.  Mail theft is a low risk (often only a misdemeanor theft), potentially a high gain crime.

3 What Are Mail Thieves Looking For?  Personal identifying numbers, such as Social Security Numbers (SSN), bank account numbers, medical account identification numbers.  Personal checks that have been written to pay bills – they may alter the checks and cash them.  Credit and debit cards – can be activated and used.  Boxes of blank checks.

4 What Are Mail Thieves Looking For?  Credit card offers and applications  Checking and savings account statements  Phone and utility bills  Tax returns and statements

5 Preventing Mail Box Theft  Maintain a clear line of sight from the home to the mailbox.  Remove delivered mail from your mailbox as soon as possible.  Never leave mail in a mailbox overnight.

6 Preventing Mail Box Theft  Have boxes of checks delivered to your bank branch for pick-up.  If you are on vacation or traveling, have your local post office hold your mail.

7  Make sure your mailbox is in good condition and closes tightly. Mail theft is less likely if thieves can’t see it.  Consider electronic banking and direct deposits to minimize the amount of financial data in your mailbox. Preventing Mail Box Theft

8  Place outgoing mail in a USPS collection box.  Never place outgoing mail in your own personal mailbox.  Do not use the red flag on your mailbox. It advertises the presence of mail.

9 Preventing Mail Box Theft  Use an effective (strong, difficult to break into) personal locking mailbox and USE THE LOCK.  It is possible to install a wireless communication mail chime that indicates when mail has been delivered.

10 Preventing Mail Box Theft  Shred mail (using a cross- cutting shredder) going into your trash that may contain your name, address or other vital information.  Use a gel-type ink to write checks; it is more difficult to chemically alter.

11 Preventing Mail Box Theft  To “opt out” of receiving pre-approved credit and insurance offers from the credit bureau mailing lists call: 1-888-567-8688 or visit

12  Parcel packages are most vulnerable when left unattended at the home. With internet shipping increasing daily, more and more parcel packages are stolen by thieves who follow delivery trucks and steal unattended packages. Preventing Mail Box Theft

13  Join your local Neighborhood Watch program – and participate!

14 Thank you

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