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Productive Leaders For Tomorrows Future Behavior and Discipline Modification Program.

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2 Productive Leaders For Tomorrows Future Behavior and Discipline Modification Program

3 YMWFC MISSION: The mission of Young Men and Women for Change is to educate and empower young people to become productive, responsible and law abiding citizens.

4 YMWFC VALUES & ETHICS YMWFC operates with integrity to ensure the fulfillment of its mission through structured programs and processes that involve the Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and Participants. We respect and highly value the diverse population of participants.

5 YMWFC GOALS Reduce the number of youth that get involved in Juvenile Justice System Reduce the dropout rate Help the young people recognize and improve their unacceptable behavior Deliver a comprehensive curriculum, provide tools to challenge and motivate them to strive to their personal best Facilitate positive forms of interaction between program participants and staff to develop a strong base of support and trust

6 YMWFC PROGRAM Each participant will work to develop themselves in the areas of education, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and social character growth and development. Each participant will receive a curriculum workbook, which they are responsible for completing. The curriculum includes but is not limited to: Building relationships through various constructive activities Improving overall Physical, Social, and Academic performance Decrease Substance and Alcohol abuse Social & Life Skills/Character Building, Value Clarification Goal Setting Leadership Training Community Involvement/Awareness Professional/Career Development

7 Discipline Data 2007-082006-072005-06 Students Expelled450439559 Overall Expulsions496484608 Expulsion Days13,33212,30616,273 _________________________________________________ Students Suspended5,9976,5586,703 Overall Suspensions13,99615,95215,528 Suspension Days47,21749,14050,645

8 2007-08 STATS SchoolTotal OffensesTop Offenses Bowsher High 67Assault (22); Theft (14) Central Catholic13Theft (4); Assault (3) Emmanuel Christian1Theft (1) Libbey High82Assault (38); Disorderly Conduct (15) Maumee Valley Country0 Notre Dame2Assault (1); Theft (1) Rogers High76Assault (33); Disorderly Conduct Scott High186Disorderly Conduct (62); Assault (60) St. Francis DeSales16Theft (7); Disorderly Conduct (2) St. Johns 8Theft (5); Assault (1) St. Ursula4Traffic Violation (2); Noise (1) Start High48Assault (11); Theft (8) Toledo Christian1Theft (1) Toledo Islamic1Theft (1) Toledo Technology 22Assault (9); Disorderly Conduct (5) Waite High71Assault (22); Disorderly Conduct (22) Woodward High249Disorderly Conduct (99); Assault (75)

9 2007-08 STATS SchoolTotal OffensesTop Offenses Oregon/Clay High 45Juvenile Problem (12); Theft (8) Maumee High39Theft (11); Drugs/Alcohol (4) Perrysburg High34Suspensions (6); Criminal Damage (4) Sylvania  Northview High94Theft (32); Juvenile Problem (22)  Southview High82Theft (48); Assault (7) Ottawa Hills High4Drugs/Alcohol (1); Theft (1) Rossford High22Theft (6); Fighting (3)

10 A WAKE UP CALL These alarming statistics should be a wake up call to our communities, schools, churches, courts and parents. The need for prevention and intervention programs to rescue these young males and young females is critical. Our program can be successful in assisting the participants in their mind alternating attitudes and behavior.

11 YMWFC PROFILE Young Men and Women For Change was founded in 2006 by Shawn Mahone, Sr. for the purpose of providing organized and instructional training for young people to help them transform their lives. Mr. Mahone recognized that hundreds of bright males and females were not reaching their full potential because of unhealthy choices and lack of direction, support and discipline. He knew something needed to be done after reviewing the statistics of young people going through the court system, listening to the daily news and witnessing the behavior within the community.

12 Enrolling Now! Contact us at (567) 277-5352 Email: Come see our program in action! YMWFC Behavior and Discipline Modification Program, With a Leadership Towards Success Component. Family Sessions-Saturday: 11:00 A.M. until 1:00 P. M. Churches, Organizations and School Contracts are welcome!

13 YMWFC WISH LIST T-Shirts/Long & Short Sleeve Caps Bottled Water Transportation/office furniture Snacks Youth’s Black Dress Shoes Volunteers Sponsorships Referrals

14 YMWFC is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization funded through donations and grants. Monetary and In Kind Donations are greatly appreciated. You may also donate to our organization through a United Way Campaign Pledge Card by entering the name of our organization. Young Men And Women For Change THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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