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HomeFit Debra Lindstrom Hazel, PhD, OTRL Karen Kafantaris, AARP Michigan.

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2 HomeFit Debra Lindstrom Hazel, PhD, OTRL Karen Kafantaris, AARP Michigan

3 Purposes of HomeFit 1.To begin thinking about what YOU can you do in your current home to allow you to safely remain in that home as long as you choose.

4 2.To determine what is important to YOU Activities such as Cooking Yard work Laundry Leisure activities such as Woodworking Using computer Making crafts

5 3. To identify consultants needed Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) Occupational Therapist (OT) Remodeler Architect Landscape Architect Builder

6 Overview Safe and easy to use Entrances Bathrooms Living Areas

7 Worksheet Areas that work as they are can be changed with minor cost can be changed with major cost Simple devices that can assist you Reference for your personal use

8 Terms Universal Design and Visitability Zero Step/No Step Livability Design for a Lifetime

9 Entrances Entrances

10 Close Up Of No-Step Entrance

11 Worksheet/Entrances Steps Threshold Height Door Porches Lighting Hand rails

12 Alternative for Steps No-step/Zero-Step Ramp Mechanical Outdoor Lift

13 Potential for No-Step Entrance with landscaping…. BEFORE…..

14 No-Step Entrance Created With Landscaping

15 Ramp for 8” Height Ramp for 8” Height

16 Ramps/Handrails/Porch/Lighting

17 Outdoor Mechanical Lifts

18 Vertical Platform Lift Tall Tower

19 Are Entrance Modifications Always Practical? Not always. Not if the site is steep AND has no back approach AND has insufficient yard to allow a reasonable slope from the street to the house

20 Door Thresholds

21 Threshold Ramps

22 Typical Home Front door 35” wide 33” opening Bathroom doors 27” wide 26” opening Bedroom doors 30” wide 29” opening

23 24 Inch Door - Walker

24 27 Inch Door - Wheelchair

25 27 Inch Door Walker

26 30 Inch Door - Wheelchair

27 36 Inch Door - Wheelchair

28 Swing-Clear Hinges

29 Lever Handles

30 Stairways Handrails on both sides of stairways Is the stairway well lit? Do the stairs have a non-slip surface?

31 Stairways

32 Stair Lifts

33 Bathrooms Tub/Shower Combination Shower Grab Bars Tub Bench Shower Seat Comfort Height Toilet Maneuvering space for a wheelchair Sink style

34 Can you get maneuvering space in traditional bathroom?



37 Floor Level Drain With Shower Curtain Shower area becomes part of maneuvering space

38 Grab Bars

39 Low Cost Safety Devices

40 Comfort height toilet

41 Toilevator A toilet base riser that adds 3.5” in height to your existing toilet.

42 Inexpensive alternatives

43 Support Devices for the toilet

44 Could you fit a wheelchair under either of these sinks?

45 Kitchens Countertops Cupboards Cooking Refrigerator /freezer Eating area Dishwasher

46 Over the stove vs. countertop microwave

47 What type of refrigerator is easier for you to use?

48 Pull out counter top increases accessibility

49 Stove Controls

50 Oven Rack Puller

51 Place table next to kitchen counter

52 Is this dishwasher style more accessible?

53 Laundry

54 Leisure Activities What do you like to do in your free time? Woodworking Computers Sewing/Quilting Other What problems might you encounter continuing to enjoy you leisure activities? Accessing the area (basement/garage/2 nd floor bedroom) Accessing/using the tools, equipment, space

55 Electrical Outlets and Switches Outlet height Traditional height Raised in areas of most use Switches height and type Maximum height of 48” Use of rocker style switches At bottom and top of indoor stairs

56 Lighting in the Home Adequate lighting is needed Hallways Stairways Entrances Living areas Bedrooms Bathrooms

57 Night Lights

58 Windows

59 Emergency Communication


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