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Update on Management and Prevention of Obesity Health Champions.

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1 Update on Management and Prevention of Obesity Health Champions

2 Patterns and trends in adult obesity 2 Overweight and obesity among adults Health Survey for England 2010-2012 Adult (aged 16+) overweight and obesity: BMI ≥ 25kg/m 2 More than 6 out of 10 men are overweight or obese (66.5%) More than 5 out of 10 women are overweight or obese (57.8%)

3 Costs of Obesity Reduces life expectancy by 3 years (up to 10 years in extreme) Contributory factor in 8% annual deaths in UK Estimated that obesity will cost the NHS £9.7 billion by 2050 Wider costs to society estimated to reach £49.9 billion (Public Health England July 2014)

4 Benefits of weight loss A 5% weight loss can improve health by reducing: risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes risk of come cancers blood pressure blood cholesterol symptoms of osteoarthritis risks to mother and baby during pregnancy

5 What is Body Mass Index? Weight in relation to height: Weight (kg) Ht(m) x Ht (m) CategoryRange Normal18.5 – 24.0 Overweight25.0 – 29.9 Obese30 and over

6 Energy Balance Metabolism Energy in Energy out All food and drink Activity

7 Energy Balance Energy out Energy in

8 Creating an Energy Gap More energy out Less energy in 600kcal 300kcal less from food 300kcal more in activity

9 Energy in Food 100 kcal 250ml (1/2pt) beer 80g chicken12g fat 12g (1 tbsp) oil 110g jacket potato 200g - 230g vegetables

10 Pub lunch: Fried chicken salad with oil and vinegar dressing Buttered Jacket potato ½ pint lagerCreate 300kcal gap

11 The Eat Well Plate

12 Portion Guide At each meal Vegetables Meat, fish, eggs and beans Starchy foods

13 Department of Health Low per 100g High per 100g High per portion* Fat 3.0g or less Over 17.5g Over 21g Saturates 1.5g or less Over 5.0g Over 6.0g Sugars 5.0g or less Over 22.5g Over 27g Salt0.3g or less Over 1.5g Over 1.8g *If the serving is larger than 100g, check the amount per portion Check, Compare, Choose



16 Creating an Energy Gap F - Frequency A - Amount T - Type

17 Physical Activity Lorraine Hurst Physical Activity Worker

18 Benefits of exercise/physical activity Strengthens Heart and lungs, making them more efficient at oxygen delivery Helps to regulate Insulin and Thyroid hormones, reducing risk of Diabetes Increases metabolic rate and helps you lose weight Stimulates Neuromuscular system - improving balance and power Increases muscle growth & bone density Increases joint mobility & reduces joint pain Stimulates endorphins – reducing anxiety & improving mental health Helps to prevent colon & breast cancer Has social benefits….it can be FUN!

19 Recommendations for exercise/physical activity At least 150 minutes (2hrs and 30minutes) of moderate aerobic activity and muscle strengthening activities on 2 or more days per week. or 75 minutes (1hr and 15 minutes) of vigorous aerobic activity and muscle strengthening activities on 2 or more days per week. or An equivalent mixture of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity and muscle strengthening activities on 2 or more days per week.

20 Barriers to exercise/physical activity Pain Cost Poor self esteem Family/work commitments Lack of information Fear of injury Boring Lack of motivation

21 Exercise/physical activity levels A level of exercise that is easy for one individual may be exhausting for another, so remember one size does not fit all! The best way to judge physical activity level is to use a rate of perceived exertion scale or a how you feel breathing scale. This makes the score relative to the individual. Intensity can be estimated using a scale of 0-10, Where sitting is 0 and the highest level of effort possible is 10. Moderate activity equals between 4-6 and vigorous activity scores 7-8

22 Ideas Employee walking club Stair climb challenge Office Olympics Bicycle to work Lunch or after work activities Use pedometers competitions/prizes print to a different printer Hold walking meetings keep a set of hand weights at your desk Stand up more set goals use an activity diary Displays – portion sizes, 100kcals, balanced plate Email support – e.g. resources / links / tips / ideas for energy gap Sponsored Weight LossStructured ProgrammeDrop In

23 Theory of change Thinking about changing Preparing to change Making changes Maintaining changes Relapsing Not Interested I got through it what is next

24 Meal ideas, recipes, ‘swaps’, shopping lists Downloadable materials Self assessment tools Change 4 Life Employers Guide Workplace materials / campaign / activity ideas for promoting healthier lifestyle

25 Structured individual 12 week programme: Week by week advice, support, printable tools for self monitoring Detailed practical advice and guidance Structure for ‘drop-in’/ weekly support programme

26 Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service Campus for Ageing and Vitality Ext: 23557 Newcastle Nutrition

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