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Matter & Its Properties Ch 1 Sect 2 (pp. 6-14) 9/8/14.

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1 Matter & Its Properties Ch 1 Sect 2 (pp. 6-14) 9/8/14

2 General Properties of Matter “anything that has mass and takes up space. (D = m / V) Density Lab How to do you Quantify Matter? Mass = “measure of the amount of Matter.” – We used the triple beam balance to mass our unknown samples of metals & salt solutions.

3 Which picture shows an atom?

4 Atoms, Atoms, & More Atoms Atoms represent the smallest units of elements. An element is made up of only one type of atom.

5 Atoms, Atoms, & More Atoms – Ex: Gold (Au) – A gold bar is made up of ONLY gold atoms. – These gold atoms have certain properties that make them “gold.”

6 Compounds “Substance that can be broken down into a more simple substance.” Made up of atoms of two or more elements that are chemically bonded.

7 Properties / Changes of Matter Extensive & Intensive Properties Physical & Chemical Properties Physical & Chemical Changes Create a graphic organizer on these 6 topics. – Include a description and Examples

8 Periodic Table Groups / Families = Vertical Columns Periods = Horizontal Rows – Think period at the end of a sentence.

9 Metals Properties of Metals: – An element that is a good electrical conductor and heat conductor. – Are malleable (can be hammered or rolled into thin sheets) – Are ductile (can be drawn into a wire form) – Have high tensile strength (resist breaking)

10 Nonmetals Properties of Non-Metals: – An element that is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. – Include many gases, some solids.

11 Metalloids Properties of Metalloids: – An element that has some characteristics of metals and some characteristics of non-metals. – Are semiconductors of electricity. – Align with Stair-Step Line of Periodic Table.

12 Stair-Step Line Metalloids

13 HW Complete Element Cards Complete Section Assessment Questions p. 14 #1-5

14 States of Matter Matter Mixtures & Pure Substances

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