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A Framework for Management Excellence Introduction to TNCPE & Baldrige Maury County Public Schools Dec. 1, 2014.

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2 A Framework for Management Excellence Introduction to TNCPE & Baldrige Maury County Public Schools Dec. 1, 2014

3 Mission: to drive organizational excellence in Tennessee Through education, training & award program Provides “stair step” approach to meet organizations where they are 501c(3) corporation Powered by a volunteer workforce Nationally recognized 2

4 TNCPE Board of Directors Tony Benton, VP/COO Mountain States Health Alliance Dr. Richard Brown, Vice Chancellor UT Chattanooga Dr. John Dreyzehner, Commissioner TN Dept. of Health Jim Duensing, EVP & CFO Caterpillar Financial Services Dr. Linda Garceau, Dean (ret.) East Tennessee State Univ. Louis Gump, CEO Impact Management Rebecca Hunter, Commissioner TN Dept. of Human Resources Patrick Lawton, City Administrator City of Germantown Terri McGuire, SVP First Tennessee Norman McRae, CEO Caris Healthcare Chuck Shoopman, AVP UT Institute for Public Service Jennifer Slayton, Ex Dir, Quality Improvement Vanderbilt University Medical Center George Strodtbeck III, Ex.Dir, Quality & COS Cummins Inc. Gail Thurmond, SVP Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Van Wardlaw, EVP TVA Alan Watson, CEO Maury Regional Medical Center Patricia Weiland, CEO TRICOR Rob Wigington, President & CEO Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority Rodney Woods, VP BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Greg York, Director of Operations Marvin Windows and Doors 3

5 Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Established by Congress in 1987 Purpose: to enhance U.S. business competitiveness in a global economy by: –Identifying and recognizing role-model businesses –Establishing criteria for evaluating improvement efforts –Disseminating and sharing best practices Internationally recognized and emulated National resource Mac Baldrige 4

6 Is Your Organization the Best It Can Be? 5

7 How Do You Know? 6

8 What Should You Change to Get Better? 7

9 Pewaukee School District “Opening the Door to Each Child’s Future” Graduation rate of more than 97% Nearly 92% of graduates go on to college Parent satisfaction with educational quality @ 94% Staff satisfaction @ 73% for salaries; 81% for benefits; 92% for engagement Aa2 Moody’s bond rating

10 Pewaukee’s Journey to Excellence 2006 – introduction to the framework 2007 – 2010: applications to the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence 2010 – 2013: applications to the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program 2013: recipient of the Baldrige Award

11 Why do it? Before we used the framework, we were hard-working, but now we’re more effective and efficient. It allowed us to leverage our strength in planning and get better to reach new heights of achievement. It allows us to make sure we are using results to drive improvement. By using a systematic approach, we became more innovative.

12 Pewaukee’s Focus Areas Student engagement in learning Higher student achievement Student citizenship “Some schools see Baldrige as one more thing on their plate. It’s not one more thing on your plate; it’s a way to organize your plate.” Dr. JoAnn Sternke, Superintendent Pewaukee School District

13 Montgomery Co. Public Schools 16 th largest school system in the U.S. 146,000 Students −Students from 164 countries speaking 184 languages −17,000 students with special needs −18,000 students participate in ESOL 22,000 employees 2010 Baldrige Award recipient

14 What do the data tell us? Where are we missing the mark? What do we need to do about it? Key Questions © 2011 Montgomery County Public Schools

15 White 37.2% African American 23.4% Asian American 15.7% Hispanic 23.3% Our demographics are shifting 2010 What Do the Data Tell Us? © 2011 Montgomery County Public Schools

16 Outcomes are predictable What Do the Data Tell Us? © 2011 Montgomery County Public Schools

17 Alignment Aim of the Organization Goals and Measures Random Acts of Improvement Adapted from The Management Compass by Michelle Bechtell Baldrige Basics © 2011 Montgomery County Public Schools

18 Baldrige Basics Aim of the Organization Goals and Measures Aligned Acts of Improvement Adapted from The Management Compass by Michelle Bechtell Alignment © 2011 Montgomery County Public Schools

19 Tenets Vision: We inspire learning by providing the greatest public education to each and every student. Mission: Every student will have the academic, creative problem solving, and social emotional skills to be successful in college and career. Core Purpose: Prepare all students to thrive in their future. Value of Equity: WE BELIEVE that each and every student matters; outcomes should not be predictable by race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status; equity demands the elimination of all gaps; and creating and maximizing future opportunities for students and staff is necessary. © 2011 Montgomery County Public Schools

20 Baldrige Basics Baldrige is a Systematic Process for Making Systemic Change © 2011 Montgomery County Public Schools

21 Repeat the cycle PLAN Validate the need for improvement Clarify organizational purpose, goals, and measures DO Adopt and deploy an organization- wide approach to improvement. In MCPS that approach is Baldrige. Translate the approach to ‘aligned action’ at every level of the organization STUDY Analyze results ACT Make improvements Continuous Improvement

22 21 Alignment Our Call To Action: Pursuit of Excellence No Child Left Behind and Bridge to Excellence Five-Year Comprehensive Master Plan MCPS Vision, Mission, Core Values, Goals and Board of Education’s Academic Priorities Office Strategic Plans Department Plans Division Plans Individual Plans School Strategic Plans Classroom Plans PDP’s Individual Student Plans

23 Strategic Goals Ensure Success for Every Student Provide an Effective Instructional Program Strengthen Productive Partnerships for Education Create a Positive Work Environment in a Self- renewing Organization Provide High-Quality Business Services that are Essential to the Educational Success of Students

24 Strategic Goals Every Office, Department, Division, and all 200 Schools have a Baldrige Guided Continuous Improvement Plan that is Aligned with Our Call to Action: Pursuit of Excellence


26 Note: Only 39 percent of Kindergarteners could read at Text Level 3 in 2001.



29 TNCPE Award Program Self assessment Submit application Examiner review & site visit Judges Meeting Receive Feedback Report 28

30 Stair Steps to Excellence Level 4 Excellence Level 3 Achievement Level 2 Commitment Level 1 Interest Org ProfileYes Application Focus Org Profile Basic item requirements Overall item requirements Multiple item requirement Max Length5 pages5 + 15 pages5 + 35 pages5 + 50 pages Site Visit½ day1 day2 days3 days Feedback Focus7 Categories Overall requirements Multiple requirements 29

31 Next Steps for Maury County Network with Kingsport City Schools Schedule a Baldrige for Beginners Workshop Select candidates for the TNCPE Examiner Program Participate in the 2015 Excellence in Tennessee Conference Identify community coaches & Baldrige experts Explore website resources: and 30

32 2015 Excellence in TN Conference 31

33 Keys to Success w/ TNCPE & Baldrige (from Robert Otwell) 1.Senior leadership support 2.Key support staff leadership 3.Well written application 4.World class results 5.Lead the organization using Baldrige principles 32

34 Senior Leadership Support Most senior leaders will say they are committed but since the journey is over many years, other priorities can take hold. I was guilty of diminished support at times. Renee had to get my attention. 33

35 Key Support Staff Leadership With all seriousness, every organization that has TNCPE/Baldrige success, must have a “Renee” or at least someone close to having her abilities. 34

36 Well Written Application That seems obvious, but even the best organization may need some outside support to write a application that accurately answers the Criteria and tells the organization's story. 35

37 World Class Results If an organization is stuck on the TNCPE/ Baldrige journey, this is the area that I think may need the most attention. I think we did a good job of taking the feedback results every year and doing an honest assessment to determine what results needed to improve. Then the task was to develop actions plans, assign responsibility and monitor results to achieve ideally top 10 percent comparative results. 36

38 Use the Baldrige Principles Lead the organization using Baldrige principles. We realized that we needed to merge the Baldrige committees and activities into the everyday organizational leadership. I think this was a major breakthrough for us. 37


40 Katie Rawls, President & CEO Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence 2525 Perimeter Place Drive, Suite 122 Nashville, Tennessee 37214 Phone: 615-889-8323 or 800-453-6474 Email: 39

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