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Presented by, Fire Chief Larry Few, CFO October 21, 2011 Strategies to Enhance Diversity.

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1 Presented by, Fire Chief Larry Few, CFO October 21, 2011 Strategies to Enhance Diversity

2 Business Sense: Diversity & Inclusion An organization that employs a diverse workforce (both men and women, people of many generations, people from ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds etc.) is better able to understand the demographics it serves and is thus better equipped to meet the needs of the population it serves. `Wikipedia, Diversity Recruitment Video

3 City of Chicago lit up with another fire exam lawsuit As Chicago prepares to pay $30 million to African- American men who were denied firefighting jobs because of a discriminatory entrance exam, the city was hit Tuesday with another lawsuit, this one on behalf of women who were disqualified because they failed the physical abilities test. The lawsuit filed in U.S.! District Court claims that the test, which includes arm exercises, carrying a 2 1/2-inch hose and stair- climbing tasks designed to determine strength and endurance, has an adverse impact on female applicants and is not related to the skills needed to be a firefighter. CHICAGO TRIBUNE Title VI Non-Discrimination Policy

4 Best Practices for Diversity Recruitment Make strategic recruiting efforts that are diversity focused by: Attracting Diverse Applicants Broadening the FCFD Applicant Pool Identifying/Removing Hiring Barriers Advocating Diversity

5 Attracting Diverse Applicants Develop partnerships with diverse groups and/or organizations representing the entire community in order to increase knowledge of/interest in career tracks in the fire services. High Schools College and Universities Community Based Organizations Churches Boy/Girl Scouts Other Municipalities

6 Broadening the FCFD Applicant Pool Build partnerships with diverse groups and professional organizations dedicated to diversity initiatives. Firefighter's ABC’s Diversity Group International Association of Women in Fire & Emergency Services IABPFF IAHFF U.S. College Search for Firefighting School Pipeline/Volunteer/Cadet programs Targeted career advertizing/fairs

7 Identifying/Removing Hiring Barriers Evaluate all selection criteria and eliminate barriers that adversely impact and inhibit external recruitment. Performance test Physical fitness requirements Entrance exams Promotions testing Training policies & procedures

8 Success Stories Strategic recruiting efforts/plans that are diversity focused: Establishment of “Open” or “Extended” Recruitment Periods Development of a departmental recruitment task force Re-examination of selection/screening disqualifiers De-mystify selection process (e.g. preview performance test components) Innovative marketing of various alternative and/or administrative roles in fire services Facilitation of a various focus groups to assess departmental climate (addressing inclusion and retention issues)

9 Challenges & Next Steps Promote the hiring/promotion of diverse groups Be transparent: Post and/or advertize hiring and promotion opportunities routinely Be responsive: Address focus group consensus issues to ensure facilities are equitably adequate i.e. Rest Rooms Sleeping Areas/Bunks Locker Rooms Recruiting next steps that support diversity:

10 Promote and encourage diversity advocacy through diversity focused mentoring programs: Provide equal access to informal/formal peer mentoring Provide equal access to professional development opportunities Provide equal access to OJT and/or job shadowing Challenges & Next Steps:

11 Questions & Answers Recruiting that Impacts

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