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Unit 3 Simple Machines Review Game START. 1. All machines have moveable parts FalseTrue.

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1 Unit 3 Simple Machines Review Game START

2 1. All machines have moveable parts FalseTrue

3 2.If you want to exert less effort to get work done you will have to complete it over _?_. More distanceMore force Less distanceLess force

4 3. A stair case is a good example of which type of simple machine? Inclined Plane Wheel & Axle Screw Lever

5 4.If Mary climbs a hill in less time than Jack, her _?_ increases. Output Time Work Power

6 5. Which type of simple machine does a crane represent? Lever Wedge Pulley Screw

7 6.A second class lever has the _?_ in the middle. Load Fulcrum Work Effort

8 7.A series of simple machines that complete a silly task is name after what man? Archimedes Goldberg Newton Aristotle

9 8. If you want a job to take less time you must use more _?_ to get it done. Efficiency Input Work Power

10 9. The two most basic simple machines are _?_ and _?_ Wheel and Axle Wedge and Inclined Plane and Lever Pulley and Screw

11 10. The lid of a jar is an example of what simple machine? Screw Pulley Wedge Lever

12 11. In a _?_ class lever the EFFORT is in the middle. 3rd 2nd 4th 1st

13 12. The three parts of a lever are _?_. Wheel/Axle/Bar Effort/Fulcrum/Load Pivot/Bar/Load 1 st / 2 nd /3 rd

14 13. An example of a lever would be _?_ A chisel A car tire A door A ramp

15 14. A machine that contains two or more simple machines is called _?_ Compound Complicated Confusing Conjugated

16 15. Mechanical Advantage tells us how much _?_. The machine multiplies the force Efficiency a machine has Work is done Effort is exerted

17 16. John applies a force of 20 N to move a box 10 m. How much work is done? (W= F X D) 200 W 200 m 200 N200 J

18 17. Which of the following simple machines is a wedge? Slide Door stop Stair Case Flag Pole

19 18. If two people lift identical stacks of books the same distance but one person does the job faster, which of the following increases? Advantage Efficiency Power Work

20 19. A device that makes work easier by changing the size or direction of the force is a _?_. Wheel & Axle Inclined Plane Pulley All of the above

21 20. When using a machine if you increase the distance the force will _?_. Increase than Decrease Decreases Increase Stay the same

22 21. A machine cannot have 100% efficiency because of _?_ Force Work Friction Effort

23 22. If two people move a box the same distance but one does it faster, the person who did it faster had to increase _?_. Power Work Velocity Effort

24 23. The tip of a screw is an example of what simple machine? Wedge Lever Wheel & Axle Inclined Plane

25 24. A construction worker is lifting a load of bricks onto a truck and he does 220 J of work in 30 seconds. How much power did he use? (P=W/t) 6600 W 7.33 W 7.33 J 6600 J

26 25. Which of the following must happen for work to be done? Neither A or B A force must be applied Both A and B An object must move

27 26. If you want to lift a heavy load using a pulley you should _?_ to make the load easier to lift. Add pulleys Remove pulleys Pull down Pull up

28 27. A bow of a boat cutting through water is an example of _?_. An Inclined Plane A Wedge A Screw A Lever

29 28. The petals in a car represent _?_ A Pulley A Lever A Screw A Wheel & Axle

30 29. The gas cap on a mower represents _?_. A Wedge A Screw A Pulley An Inclined Plane

31 30. A shovel is an example of a _?_ class lever. 3rd None2nd 1st

32 Try Again

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