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Advisor: Frank Hludik.

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1 Advisor: Frank Hludik

2 Project Goals Design and assemble a versatile, remote controlled surveillance robot Minimize fabrication expenses

3 Practical Uses Bomb Defusal Hostage Situation
Hazardous Chemical Environments Battlefield Reconnaissance Proactive Surveillance

4 Honors Thesis Significance of Unpersoned Robots
Background / History of Robotics Contribution Elaboration

5 Design Inspiration Sources
Recon Scout XT iRobot 510 PackBot

6 Recon Scout XT Advantages Disadvantages Small Weight Quick Deployment
Night Vision Disadvantages Limited Functionality Limited Durability

7 iRobot 510 PackBot Advantages Disadvantages Open Ended Functionality
Durability Night Vision More Informative Feedback Disadvantages Longer Setup Time Cumbersome

8 Stability Wide body provides stable base for arm

9 Stair Climbing Short body creates low center of gravity
Maximum Stair Rise: 8 ¼ inches Minimum Stair Run: 9 inches

10 Camera Arm

11 Camera Arm Motion Worm gear transmission for bottom of arm
Custom mount for ‘elbow’ joint Dual axis pan-and-tilt camera mount

12 Video Camera 802.11n v2.0 Compliant WiFi 640x480 pixel resolution
44 degree viewing angle In/Out ports to network alarm systems Omnidirecional Mic and Speaker Record video feed to disk

13 Wireless Data Transmission
Two wireless channels to simplify design and maximize available bandwidth Control link Video Camera Link Include provisions for loss of data/signal Antennas will be an important design choice

14 Control Link Long range XBee 900MHz RF transceivers
Data transmission at 9600bits/s Rated up to 1200ft indoors GUI will send control data to Robot; Robot will send sensory data to GUI Data will be transmitted between GUI and robot as string “packets” Ex. “>L=128,R=255<“ GUI will transmit packets at specified intervals so that robot can easily identify when link has been lost

15 Video Camera Link Point-to-point n WiFi connection between router and camera Fast, tested, and reliable link with a large bandwidth Data can be easily encrypted

16 Microcontroller Handles control of all systems on the robot
Communication with GUI Motor control Interface to component systems Power management

17 Arduino Arduino Mega with Atmel ATmega1280 microcontroller
Open-source design with various code libraries to simplify implementation Programming can be done in Arduino IDE or in Eclipse (with WinAVR plug-in) Plenty of online support Various component “shields” developed for Arduino microcontroller line

18 Drive Motors Voltage: 12V Stall Current: 21.3A Torque: 98 in-lbs
Weight: 2.6lbs

19 Driver and Power Interface
Microprocessor Drive Motors Arm Motors Motor Driver Power Control Motors Active Antenna Data Transmitters Camera GPS

20 PCB Fabrication Gerber Files BATCH PCB

21 Battery Considerations
Peak Current Considerations Desired Run-time Estimated Drive Current Battery Options NiMH Batteries Lead Acid Batteries

22 Budget Total budget: $1,900 Sources: L-3 Insight Technology: $1,500
ECE Department: $400 Description Proposed Budget Framework/Support $137 Body $65 Tracks $343 Arm $33 Communication $300 Motors $561 Power $238 Project Total $1677

23 Project Schedule

24 Questions? ?

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