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PROVIDENCE LODGE The homely house on Oak Hill. Welcome to Providence Lodge.

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1 PROVIDENCE LODGE The homely house on Oak Hill


3 Welcome to Providence Lodge


5 This Alpiner stove can heat the whole house itself and takes a 24” log. The new ceramic floors lighten up the space under the redwood stained 4”x10” pine beams and 2”x6” tongue-and- groove overhead planks. The ceramic tile is professionally laid on Hardibacker over 2”x6” tongue- and-groove planks.

6 The fiberglass entry doors are new in 2006. This one has internal mini blinds. All windows on this floor, those in the master suite, and the observatory windows are Home Depot 600 Series double lifetime full warranty windows – anything goes wrong with them, call Home Depot and they’ll fix or replace it.

7 This may be Robert Frost’s rock wall outside the office window, one of many on the property. There is a stone bench made from a traditional granite slab above the wall.


9 The cabin-sitter alarm with two passive infra-red detector intrusion zones will place up to 4 phone calls if temperature drops or raises unacceptably or upon intrusion.




13 Furnace cutoff, basement door with built-in pet door, and pantry.

14 Happy colors, truck and tool murals, and a ceiling fan make this a great boy’s room – or construction company office!

15 A closet on the left and the door on the right opens to the linen closet and stair down from the 2 nd floor in this west bedroom.

16 Hand-painted murals!

17 Ceramic floor, new commode, and pedestal sink.

18 Lighted Vanity Mirror and Pedestal Sink

19 New commode and cabinets

20 Ceramic tile, new light fixture, and wired smoke alarm.

21 Front-load washer and dryer convey in this back-lighted ceramic floor laundry area.

22 Awesome view of backyard hilltop acreage, new ceiling fan/light, and new carpet grace the Master Bedroom.


24 New ceramic tile, new light fixture, new commode, and new glass shelves grace the Master Bath.



27 New carpet and ceiling fan/light showcase this bright bedroom with south and east windows.

28 Hand painted murals decorate each of the two closets flanking the hallway door. Just outside the door on the left is the stair to the 3 rd floor.




32 Cathedral ceiling in the observatory is 4”X10” pine timbers supporting 2”X6” tongue-and-groove pine planks.




36 The Observatory’s amazing rich redwood colored cathedral ceiling, warm open-faced woodstove, and awe-inspiring views of ALL of south- central Maine create a unique and truly wonderful space. Bonus Room this way

37 Walk-in closet with pull-down attic access in this huge bonus room

38 The Bonus Room is kind of big. Yeah, that is a little old king-sized bed over there in the corner.

39 The Bonus Room is complete with a walk-in closet

40 The Bonus Room window looks out over the backyard hilltop acreage.

41 The clutter goes with the seller. The hook for pulling car motors and beam structure to support it will remain.

42 Electrical service was rigged for a generator.

43 This Kenmore wood stove heats this whole house with less than 7 cord of firewood and takes 24” logs. This Kenmore built- in vacuum has ports on all four floors and a hose that reaches all the corners.

44 The well is here, inside the basement for security and freeze protection. That pump was replaced with an in- ground stainless steel unit that is still under warranty. The new tank was added to the old to increase capacity. The Fuel Oil Tank is here, inside the basement for security and freeze protection.


46 The chest freezer conveys. The new in 2005 New Yorker brand oil burner hot water baseboard heater and on-demand domestic water heater can heat the house for about $1400.00 a year and ensures every shower is a hot shower without wasting money on a hot tank of water.

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