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2 What are Stairs? A flight of steps is known as a stair. Stairs provide easy access to various levels of the home. All styles of homes, except the ranch with no basement have stairs. A flight is a stairway or set of steps between one floor or landing and the next.

3 Types of stairs Six general types of stairs are commonly used in residential construction. They are: Straight flight stairs L stairs (or dog-leg) Double L stairs U stairs Winder stairs Spiral stairs

4 The Straight flight stairs
The straight flight or straight run stairs are the stairs used most in new home construction. Straight stairs, as the name implies, have no turns. These stairs are not as expensive to construct as other types of stairs.

5 The Straight flight stairs

6 L-Stairs (Dog-leg) The L stairs has one landing at some point along the flight of steps. If the landing is near the top or bottom of the stairs, the term Long L is used to describe the difference

7 L-Stairs (Dog-leg)

8 Double L Stairs Double L stairs require two 90 degree turns along the flight. They may be used when space is not available for either the straight or L stairs. Double L stairs are not frequently used in residential construction.

9 Double L Stairs

10 U-Stairs U Stairs may be constructed may be either as wide U or narrow U stairs. Both have two flights of steps parallel to each other with a landing between. The difference between wide and narrow U stairs is the space between the two flights.

11 U-Stairs

12 Winder Stairs Winder stairs have “pie-shaped” steps which are substituted for a landing. This type is used when the space is not sufficient for the L stairs.

13 Winder Stairs

14 Spiral or Circular Stairs
Spiral stairs, as a rule, are not very safe since they generally have winder steps. They may be used where little space is available.

15 Spiral or Circular Stairs

16 How stairs work

17 What have you learnt? What are the 6 types of Stairs mentioned?
T/F- the use of spiral stairs is highly encouraged I have pie shaped steps which function as a landing. What am I? T/F- another name for the l-shaped stairs is the dogleg T/F- U-stairs can be both wide u and narrow u

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