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Words for Production 1.talkative [ `tOk1tIv ] adj. liking to talk a lot 愛說話的,多嘴的 Tanya couldn’t get away from the talkative man at the party.

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2 Words for Production 1.talkative [ `tOk1tIv ] adj. liking to talk a lot 愛說話的,多嘴的 Tanya couldn’t get away from the talkative man at the party.

3 Words for Production 2.language [ `l89GwIdZ ] n. [C] any system of signs, sounds and movements that is used to express something 語言 Chinese is my first language, and English is the foreign language that I am learning.

4 Words for Production 3. gesture [ `dZEstS2 ] n. [C] a movement that one makes with a part of one’s body, especially one’s hands, to express emotion or information 示意的動作;手勢 The policeman made a gesture telling me that I must go away.

5 Words for Production 4. point [ pOInt ] vt. to hold out a finger in order to show direction or position, or to cause someone to look 指,指 向 It is impolite to point your finger at someone when you are talking to him.

6 Words for Production 5. finger [ `fI9G2 ] n. [C] one of the moveable parts with joints at the end of each human hand 手指 The names of our five fingers are: thumb, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger.

7 Words for Production 6. raise [ rez ] vt. to move or lift upwards 抬高,舉起 If you have any question, please raise your hand.

8 Words for Production 7. eyebrow [`aI&bra5 ] n. [C] the line of hairs above each of the two human eyes 眉毛 When his wife raised her eyebrows, he knew that she didn ’ t believe what he said.

9 Words for Production 8. wave [ wev ] vt. to move (one’s hand, or something held in the hand) from side to side 揮動 The students waved their hands to the teacher to say goodbye.

10 Words for Production 9. however [ ha5`Ev2 ] adv. in spite of this 儘管如此 It ’ s raining hard. However, I think we should go out.

11 Words for Production 10.mean [ min ] vt. to show, express or have as a meaning 意思 是 The red light means “Stop,” so stop your car. 詞類變化

12 meaning [ `minI9 ] n. [C U] 意義,意 思 A word can have different meanings. You have to read the whole sentence to make sure what it means.

13 Words for Production 11.exactly [ IG`z8ktlI ] adv. just; really; quite 恰好,正好 My watch is exactly like yours, but mine is cheaper. 詞類變化

14 exact [ IG`z8kt ] adj. 絲毫不差的 At the exact moment that I went into the room, they all said “Happy Birthday” to me. It was really a big surprise.

15 Words for Production 12.custom [ `k^st1m ] n. [C] an accepted practice which a certain group of people has had for a long time 習俗 It’s a Chinese custom to eat moon cakes on the Mid-autumn Festival. on : 在特定的日子,介系詞用 on 。

16 Words for Production 13.palm [ pAm ] n. [C] the inner surface of the hand between the base of the fingers and the wrist 手掌 The man is reading the lady’s palm, trying to tell her something about her future.

17 Words for Production 14.culture [ `k^ltS2 ] n. [C U] the particular system of art, thought, and customs of a society or a group of people 文 化 English makes it possible for people from different cultures to understand one another. * 不完全及物動詞 + it ( 假受詞 ) + 受詞補語 ( N Adj )+ 真受詞 ( To V Clause ) * each other : 兩者互相 one another : 三者互相

18 Words for Production 15.caution [ `kOS1n ] n. [U] great care taken to avoid danger 小心,謹 慎 The question is not easy. Answer it with caution. 詞類變化

19 cautious [ `kOS1s ] adj. 小心,謹慎 My father is cautious not to drive fast when the road is winding.

20 Words for Production 16.indicate [ `Ind1`ket ] vt. to show by a sign 表示,暗示 I indicated that his help was not welcome. I just didn’t trust him anymore.

21 Words for Production 17.thumb [ T^m ] n. [C] the short thick finger which is set apart from the other four 大拇指 They all raised their thumbs to the winner to show their respect for him.

22 Words for Production 18.touch [ t^tS ] vt. to feel with one ’ s hand or another part of the body 觸摸 In these museums, visitors are asked not to touch the paintings.

23 Words for Production 19.form [ fOrm ] vt. to make into a shape 形成 Some students formed a circle and sang a song. 詞類變化

24 form [ fOrm ] n. [C] 形狀,形態 The form of the earth is nearly round.

25 Words for Production [ `s3kL ] n. [C] a round shape, like a ring 圓圈 The students stood in a circle with their teacher in the center.

26 Words for Production 21.edge [ EdZ ] n. [C] the part along the outside of something 邊緣 If you put a glass too close to the edge of a table, it may fall down and break.

27 Words for Production 22.height [ haIt ] n. [U] the measurement of a person or a thing, from the bottom to the top 身高;高度 His height makes him stand out in the crowd.

28 Words for Recognition 1.Saudi Arabian [ s1`udI 1`rebI1n ] n. [C] a person living in Saudi Arabia 沙烏地阿拉伯 人

29 Words for Recognition 2.Arabic [ `8r1bIk ] n. the language spoken by the people of Arabia 阿拉伯文

30 Words for Recognition 3. forefinger [ `for&fI9G2 ] n. [C] also index finger; the finger next to the thumb 食指

31 Words for Recognition 4. vulgarity [ v^l`G8r1tI ] n. [U] the quality of being very rude, low, or bad- mannered 粗俗

32 Words for Recognition 5. Brazilian [ br1`zIlj1n ] n. [C] a person living in Brazil 巴西人

33 Idioms and Phrases other words saying the same thing in a different way 換句 話說 Those children couldn’t find their way home; in other words, they got lost.

34 Idioms and Phrases 2.hold up to raise 舉起 Tom held up the picture so we could all see it better.

35 Idioms and Phrases 3. for instance for example 例如 I always try to do something different on weekends. For instance, this Sunday I will go fishing with my grandfather.

36 Idioms and Phrases 4. hold out to put or stretch forward 伸出;拿出 Hold out your hand and close your eyes: I have a surprise for you.

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