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Basic Keyboarding Skills Designed by Nancy Acuña

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1 Basic Keyboarding Skills Designed by Nancy Acuña

2 Introduction Welcome to Basic Keyboarding Skills Course. In this course, you will learn, focus and gain keyboarding knowledge and skills. Students will be able to practice and establish goals in order to improve speed and accuracy. In order to gain speed and accuracy the students will needs t have patience and self discipline.

3 Good Techniques Good techniques is the most important skill any beginning typist can learn. The good techniques are: Feet flat on floor Back straight and sitting up tall Wrist straight and not touching keyboard Fingers curved Arms closed to the body Strikes keys with proper finger Memorization of letters

4 Activities The following assignments need to be accomplished in order to gain speed and accuracy: Daily Drills – Each class session students will receive a daily drill

5 Activities Alphabet Typists – Students will type the alphabet as quickly as possible with their eyes closed. Find the “Bump” key – Students will close their eyes and try to find the correct finger placement on the keyboard by locating and putting the correct fingers on the “bump” keys. Keyboard copy – I will use a keyboard chart to explain the layout of the keyboard to students and placement of hands.

6 Proper Hands & Finger Placement

7 Finger Chart

8 Student Evaluation Each student will be evaluating themselves. The student evaluation will tell each individual student in which area they need to improve.

9 Student Self Evaluation Keyboarding Skills Seldom Some of the tim e Most of the tim e Always 1.My eyes glance at the keyboard and back at the monitor. When I am copying work, my eyes form a triangle from the copy to the monitor to the keyboard. 1234 1.I keep my feet flat on the floor.1234 1.My wrists do not touch the table or keyboard.1234 1.My body is a hand span from the keyboard and squarely in front of the "J". 1234 1.I sit up straight.1234 1.I keep my fingers curved and resting on the HOME ROW.1234 1.I keep my arms relaxed and my elbows close to my sides.1234

10 Faculty Evaluation I will be evaluating each individual student weekly. This evaluation will let me know if the student has advance in their keyboarding skills. By the end of the course the student will be able to accomplish all the course objective goals.

11 Faculty Evaluation Keyboarding Skills Needs improvement Some of the time All the time  Back is straight and body is leaning forward slightly?  Sitting centered in front of the keyboard (body directly in front of the "J" key)?  Sitting a hand span from the keyboard?  Feet are flat on the floor?  Arms are relaxed with elbows close to their sides?  Keeping fingers curved, tips of fingers resting lightly on HOME ROW?

12 Faculty Evaluation Keeping wrists low, but palms of hands not resting on the keyboard or desk?  Beginning and ending all keystrokes at HOME ROW position? Keying each key with the correct finger?  Keying the space bar with the thumb? Shifting with the appropriate "little" finger?  Using the "little" finger of the right hand for the Enter key? Keeping eyes moving from the keyboard to the monitor?  Using the Triangle method by glancing at the monitor, down at the keyboard, over at the text, then copying text?

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