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Disposable Camera EDSGN 100 Alex Balcher Colton Crockett Aniruddh Guru Sean Heilferty.

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1 Disposable Camera EDSGN 100 Alex Balcher Colton Crockett Aniruddh Guru Sean Heilferty

2 Table of Contents What is a Disposable Camera? What people think about them How to make them better Our Proposal


4 What is a Disposable Camera? What Does it Need to Do? Captures light and deposits it onto film to be converted into pictures Capture button; triggers the flash to go off and light to be let into the film. When Capture button is pressed, light is let in through here, depositing onto the film. Switch that tells you whether the flash is on or not. Eyepiece to line-up the perfect shot. Flash: effective up to 10 feet.

5 What Is It Made Of?

6 Social Standards Large and bulky Not visually pleasing Not durable enough

7 Consumer Survey Disposable Camera Survey Thank you for your time and patience for providing us with results concerning a disposable camera * Required Top of Form What would your primary use be for a disposable camera?* How often would you use it?* · Very often · Somewhat often · Once in a while · Rarely · Never How much would you be willing to spend for one?* How much MORE would you be willing to spend for an eco-friendly camera?* Would a flash be at all useful to you when you use your camera?* · Yes · No What would you do to improve current models of disposable cameras?*

8 Survey Results

9 Basic Consumer Needs Ease of use Environmentally friendly Smaller Cheaper Portable

10 Our Brainstorming 100% Reusable Remove Flash Lense Protector Waterproof Strap for Wrist Longer Film; More Pictures Colorful Designs for kids Rechargeable batteries

11 Sustainability Economically: o Camera must be profitable for the company, but also cheap for the customer. Socially: o The customer must want to use it. Environmentally: o Product must be safe for the environment, and should be recyclable

12 Economically It only costs 5-10% more to use biodegradable plastic Smaller camera will use only 75% of the original amount of plastic Customers are willing to pay almost double for an eco- friendly disposable camera The waterproof case will keep customers coming back

13 Potential Customers Young children (Ages 5-12) Elderly Those who cannot afford digital cameras Weddings and Vacations

14 Environmentally-Friendly Refurbishing the disposable cameras Smaller camera Biodegradable plastic

15 Outdated Packaging Remove plastic casing Cardboard case with sunlight resistant inside

16 Screening Matrix Removing Flash Lense Protector 100% ReusableWaterproof Wrist Strap Longer Film Colorful Design Rechargeable Batteries Biodegradeab le Plastic Cost+-----0-- Durability0+++00000 Need-0000++00 Eco-Friendly+0+00-0++ Weight+00000000 Visually Pleasing0000+0+00 Energy Usage+00000000 Ease of Manufacture+00-00000 Sum +s512111211 Sum 0s265565666 Sum -s111212011 Net Score4010 200 Rank143545244

17 Product Matrix Weig ht Removing Flash Lense Protecto r 100% Reusable Waterp roof Wrist StrapLonger Film Colorful Design Rechargeabl e Batteries Biodegradeable Plastic Cost30%51.320.610.31 20.62 30.920.62 Durability5%30.24 3 4 4 3 3 4 3 Need15%0030.53 3 40.64 4 30.53 Eco-Friendly10%40.430.350.530.33 20.230.350.55 Weight5%40.23 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Visually Pleasing10%30.33 3 3 40.430.350.530.33 Energy Usage15%50.830.53 3 3 3 3 40.630.5 Ease of Manufacture10%50.530.33 20.22 30.33 3 3 Score3. Rank167856234

18 Our Design Rechargeable battery Biodegradable plastic Attractive design Longer film for more pictures Wrist strap Redesigned package Waterproof case

19 Conclusion Cameras today are too bulky, not visually pleasing, and not very durable In order to satisfy the needs of the customers we’ve implemented their feedback into our design, thus making the product more appealing while still keeping it profitable

20 Questions?

21 Citation!aboutus/c2414

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