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Nerves of the upper limbs Dr. M Koruji, PhD, Anatomical Sciences Department, TUMS.

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1 Nerves of the upper limbs Dr. M Koruji, PhD, Anatomical Sciences Department, TUMS

2 Brachial plexus

3 Roots  Anterior rami of C5 to C8, and most of T1  Gray rami communicantes from the sympathetic trunk:  postganglionic sympathetic fibers

4 Trunks  The superior trunk :  C5 and C6 roots;  The middle trunk :  C7 root;  The inferior trunk  C8 and T1 roots.

5 Divisions & Cords  Divisions  Anterior and a posterior division  The three anterior divisions : anterior compartments of the arm and forearm;  The three posterior divisions: the posterior compartments.  Cords  Lateral cord  Medial cord  Posterior cord

6 Dorsal scapular  Originates from the C5 root  Pierce the middle scalene muscle  Innervates the rhomboid major and minor muscles

7 Long thoracic  Originates from C5 to C7;  Down the axilla to supply the serratus anterior muscle  Lies on the superficial aspect of muscle

8 Suprascapular nerve Nerve to subclavius muscle

9 Cords  Lateral cord(C5-C7)  Lateral pectoral,  Musculocutaneous nerve,  Lateral root of median  Medial cord(C8-T1)  Medial pectoral,  Medial cutaneous of forearm,  Medial cutaneous of arm,  Medial root of Median nerve  Ulnar nerve  Posterior cord(C5-T1)  Upper subscapular, Thoracodorsal,  Lower subscapular  Axillary nerve  Radial nerve

10 Muscolocutaneous nerve  Motor innervation to all muscles in the anterior compartment of the arm; and  Sensory innervation to skin on the lateral surface of the forearm.

11 Muscolocutaneous nerve

12 Median nerve

13 Vasomotor to brachial artery

14 Medial cord 1. The medial pectoral nerve major muscle. 2. The medial cutaneous nerve of arm (medial brachial cutaneous nerve) 3. The medial cutaneous nerve of forearm (medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve) 4. The medial root of median nerve 5. The ulnar nerve

15 Ulnar nerve

16 Posterior cord 1. The superior subscapular nerve; 2. The thoracodorsal nerve; 3. The inferior subscapular nerve;, 4. The axillary nerve; 5. The radial nerve

17 Axillary nerve  Deltoid  Teres minor  Upper lateral cutaneous nerve of the arm

18 Axillary nerve


20 Radial nerve  All muscles in the posterior compartments of the arm and forearm;  The skin on the posterior aspect of the arm and forearm, the lower lateral surface of the arm,  The dorsal lateral surface of the hand.

21 Radial nerve

22 Radial nerve In Axilla  Med head,  post cut arm,  long head

23 Radial nerve In Arm  Lat. head  Med. head  Lower lat. Cut. arm  Post. Cut. forearm


25 Radial nerve injury in the arm  Wrist drop (due to denervation of the extensor muscles)  sensory changes over the dorsum of the hand Wrist drop

26 1- Hard Tissue The upper limb skeleton (32) 2-Soft tissue Muscles Vessels Nerves 1- Shoulder Girdle 2- Arm (Brachium) 3- Forearm (Anti brachium) 4- Hand Upper limb

27 Nerves of forearm 1. Musculocutaneous nerve (lat.Cutaneous nerve of forearm) 2. Median nerve 3. Radial nerve 4. Ulnar nerve

28 Muscolocutaneous nerve

29 Median nerve

30 Nerves of the Anterior Forearm


32 Median nerve musclucutaneous

33 Anterior interosseous nerve


35 Ape hand

36 Ulnar nerve  Muscular branches  Two small cutaneous branches  Palmar branch supply skin on the medial side of the palm;  The larger dorsal branch  Posterior surfaces of the medial one and one-half digits.

37 1

38 Ulnar nerve



41 Ulnar nerve injury  Clawed-hand  Metacarpophalangeal joints are hyperextended and the interphalangeal joints are flexed  Damage to the ulnar nerve at the wrist : dorsal branch

42 Radial nerve

43 Superficial terminal branch

44 Deep terminal branch(post. interosseous


46 Radial nerve Brachialis-Joint

47 Axi RT2T2 Cutaneous nerves of forearm and hand

48 Nerves of the Hand

49 Cutaneous Nerves and Superficial Veins of the Hand, Posterior View



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