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Tracking Devices and Apps Janet Bezner, PT, DPT, PhD.

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2 Tracking Devices and Apps Janet Bezner, PT, DPT, PhD

3 Overview o What can be tracked o Range of tracking devices and cost o Tracking apps o Why track? o How to select a tracking device

4 Fitness Tracking o Body Media Fit o Armband tracks caloric expenditure, activity levels, sleep patterns o $179 – $259.00. o FitBit o Variety of tracking devices from clip ons to arm bands o Tracks physical activity, nutrition and sleep o $60.00 to $100.00

5 Fitness Tracking o Jawbone UP o Flexible wristband o Tracks exercise, diet, sleep o $100.00 o Lark o Bluetooth enabled bracelet o Wakes you up by delivering pulsing vibrations on a pressure point on inner wrist o Tracks activity and gives personalized feedback o $69 - $129.00

6 Fitness Tracking o Basis o Wrist-worn device measures HR, caloric burn, sleep patterns o $199.00 o Garmin Vivofit o Wrist-worn activity tracker o Monitors steps, distance, sleep, calories burned o $98.00-$129.00

7 Weight o Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale o Sends body measurements to computer or iPhone to track gains and losses over time o $150.00

8 Heart Rate o MIO Link o Wrist-worn heart rate monitor o Works with many apps and devices o Water resistant o $99.00 o Polar Loop Activity Monitor o Activity tracking, calorie counter, steps, heart rate, inactive time, sleep time o $90.00

9 Diabetes o AgaMatrix o Mobile blood glucose tracker o Plugs into iPhone and tracks blood sugar, carbohydrate intake, insulin

10 Medication Adherence o Proteus “Smart Pills” o Microchipped medication tablets that track patient adherence with a smartphone app o Can also detect information about the body’s response to the medicine

11 Fitness & Wellness Apps o Fitocracy (Android and iOS) FREE o Earn points, badges and use social pressure to compete with others o Plans workouts, tracks workouts o Ideal for gym rats o Hot5Fitness (iOS) FREE o 50 minutes of videos of men and women in a variety of programs (yoga, flexibility, abs, core, cardio, muscle strengthening) o Follow pre-set workouts or build your own o Syncs with MyFitnessPal to access calories consumed o Johnson & Johnson Official 7 minute workout o 7-minute workout using body weight, chair, wall o Includes video tutorials and a timer

12 Fitness & Wellness Apps o Moves (Android FREE, iOS $3.00) o Tracks walking, cycling, running using smartphone sensors/GPS o App runs continually in background tracking activity and estimating calories burned o MyFitnessPal (Android & iOS) FREE o Physical activity and nutrition tracking o Extensive database of foods (you enter ingredients and you get calories, etc.) o Syncs with other trackers and apps (any fitness app or tracker) and adjusts daily calorie allotment based on calories burned during activity tracked o RunKeeper (Android & iOS) FREE o Activity tracker and creates workouts based on goals (get fit, lose weight) o Syncs with numerous heart rate monitors o Can create customized workouts, includes audio feedback while exercising

13 Fitness & Wellness Apps o Zombies, Run! (Android & iOS) $3.00 o Part “zombie apocalypse” game, part fitness app, part health app o You play the hero in the story o Can share workouts with friends and track activity and achievement

14 Fitness & Wellness Apps o Fooducate (Android and iOS) FREE o Educates about the food you eat o Barcode scanner o Provides options/replacements o Tracks food eaten o Most of the useful features require a premium plan that’s $5.00 for 3 months or $15.00 for one year o HealthyOut (Android and iOS) FREE o Guide to local restaurant dishes o Can search for restaurants based on diet or dietary needs/preferences o Weight Watchers Simple Start o 2 weeks of meals to jumpstart weight loss o Tracks meals also o Need a Weight Watchers eTools account or a subscription to use the app

15 Fitness & Wellness Apps o TempoRun (iOS) $3.00 o Plays DJ for your workout by scanning your music library and categorizing tracks from 1 to 10 in terms of workout intensity o Can also manually assign levels to your songs o Tracks miles covered, calories burned, pace o Sickweather (iOS) FREE o Tracks illnesses and infectious diseases in your area (flu, bronchitis, chicken pox, norovirus, etc.) o Can opt to receive alerts

16 Why Track? o Build awareness o To learn more about your current habits o Change starts with awareness of what you are currently doing o Create a baseline o Develop a program to progress/build/change o Measure progress o Build in rewards o Motivation o Doesn’t work for everyone, but documenting progress can be a HUGE motivator for many! o Determine if a health treatment plan is working o For example, managing weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

17 How to Select a Tracking Device o Almost all are between $100-$200.00 o Almost all have a major flaw (there is no ‘perfect’ device!) o Start with a free app to see how you like it o Moves o Argus o iPhone Health o Bracelet, Watch or Clip-on? o Bracelets and watches are hard to lose (Basis, Jawbone) but can get in the way while you are working and are not always eye-catching accessories o Clip on devices are smaller and can be worn discretely o Easier to lose or send to the cleaners or washing machine o Not practical for those who wear dresses

18 How to Select a Tracking Device o Step counting or more? o Many of the trackers track steps, so useful if you run or walk o Need a more sophisticated device to track other activities (bicycle, swim, sports) that is more expensive (sports watch (Garmin Vivofit)) o Need heart rate monitoring? o Need sleep data? o Useful only if you have trouble sleeping o Desire to track data o Use a product that syncs with an app because most of the devices don’t track over time

19 Bottom Line o Tracking devices and apps are very useful and provide fairly reliable information about YOU o Easy to use and learn to use o $100-200 investment for a tracking device o Not for everyone o Can be very motivating and a nice adjunct to forming healthy habits o Sit less….how?

20 10 Steps to Move More 1.Wear a tracking device 2.Track your sitting time with a stop watch or app 3.Set a timer for a get-up break each 30 minutes 4.Use an exercise ball as a chair 5.Pace or stand up while talking on the phone 6.Don’t make things too convenient 7.Get a treadmill desk or deskcycle 8.Take meetings outside your office – walking meetings 9.Get up and go talk to someone rather than emailing or messaging 10.Find ways to add walking before or after a long commute

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