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Wakefield Together Department for Communities and Local Government – Alcohol Fund Positive Choices.

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1 Wakefield Together Department for Communities and Local Government – Alcohol Fund Positive Choices

2 Department for Communities and Local Government – Alcohol fund Positive Choices A Strategic Partnership approach to alleviate harm and reduce anti-social behaviour attributed to young people as a result of alcohol consumption £90k over two years of which £35k per year to participatory budget and £10k each year to support projects delivered at the HUT (Myplace)

3 The Partners West Yorkshire Police Youth Service Wakefield Council Wakefield and District Housing Airedale Management Board Cutsyke Community Project Wilson Street – Triangle Area Supported by Local Elected Members Steering group met to decide on resources, staffing and agree protocols for partnership working.

4 Perceived Barriers at the onset Public perception Relationship between youth workers and the police Receptiveness of young people in ASB Hotspots Subsequent relationship with young people as a result of the partnership

5 Engagement Activities On the Streets/Parks Team Building Challenges. Quizzes and assessments. Beer Goggles. Remote Control Cars. C Card. Mobile Youth Van. Operation Matrix (Police Off- road motorcycle team). Involvement in Participatory Budget process. Wrist Bands and Pens and QR Codes publicising activities through social marketing. At the HUT (Myplace) DJ Skills. Films. Sports. Roller Skating. Bowling. Cooking. Mocktail Bar. UV Rave. Radio Station Training. Alcohol Awareness Sessions. Involvement in Participatory Budget process. Young people’s Steering Group.


7 Positive Choices – Positive Outcomes 50% reduction in ASB attributed to young people (target 15%). 1697 young people accessed activities at the HUT (Myplace) on Friday night (Target of 600). 2155 young people engaged with Youth Workers and PCSOs/Police in known ASB Hotspots. 196 young people participating in local democratic process with another 2200 attending special assemblies in school. 1850 young people attended “Dry Nights” at local night club. 1310 Volunteer hours over span of the project. 31 Projects funded through Participatory Budget, largely staffed by volunteers.

8 Participatory Budget Process Young people from local high schools led and designed application process including criteria. Application process open to projects wishing to work with young people aged 11 – 18 from Castleford. Public events were held where groups pitched ideas (Dragon’s Den Style) and voting public allocated funds to the top ten in order of priority Projects were funded. Range of activities Process repeated in year two. Events were attended by 122 young people in Y1 and 113 in Y2” Projects are required to provide feedback on outcomes to partners Projects are required to demonstrate how they have had an impact on how young people think about alcohol and ASB

9 Participatory Budget Event

10 Lessons Learnt:- Pylon (Social Media) Risk of sexual exploitation. Able to report adults/older males on periphery of groups. Proxy sales and parents providing alcohol. Young people very trusting and rarely asked to see ID (always offered and discussed with new groups). If Police were disposing of alcohol youth workers stepped away, only three instances of this. Transporting young people to HUT without parental permission. “Go Straight to HUT” cards produced. Environmental damage. New project.

11 Added Value Promotional Products:- Wristbands, Pens and Umbrellas Projects:- Mischief Night, Social Norms/risk and Resilience, Animation Project, Terrance Higgins Trust, Extending Joint Patrols. Additional Support:- Referrals to other activities and support For example Targeted Youth Support. Personal Development Case Studies:- Lauren Allen. Becky Wright. Lewis Southward/Morgan Thomas. Marie James

12 Thank you, any questions? Please contact us for more information Darrel Robinson – MyPlace Coordinator Marie James – Volunteer Youth Support Worker

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