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PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Dextro- Right -Gastric Stomach dextrogastricPertaining to the right side of the stomach.

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2 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Dextro- Right -Gastric Stomach dextrogastricPertaining to the right side of the stomach

3 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Ecto – Out; outside Derm Skin ectodermOuter skin

4 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Erythro – Red Cyte Cell erythrocyteRed Cell (referring to red blood cells)

5 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Inter – Between Vertebral Vertebra intervertebralBetween the vertebra (backbone)

6 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Mid- middle Carpal Wrist bones midcarpalPertaining to the middle of the bones in the wrist

7 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Per – Deformed Oral Mouth peroralDeformity of the mouth

8 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Sub- Under; below Hepatic liver subhepaticBelow the liver

9 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Post- After; behind -nasal nose postnasalBehind the nose; nasal cavity

10 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Pro- Before; forward Chondral cartilage prochondralBefore the formation of cartilage

11 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition Hepat- Liver -it is Inflammation of hepatitisInflammation of the liver

12 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition Arthr- Joint -algia Pain arthralgiaJoint pain

13 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition My- Muscle -asthenia Lack of strength myastheniaLack of strength in the muscle

14 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition Amnio- Amnion (fluid surrounding the embryo Centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid amniocentesisSurgical puncture to remove amnionic fluid

15 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition Urethra- Urethra Tresia Opening urethratresiaOpening of the urethra

16 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition Leuko- white Emia Blood condition leukemiaBlood condition involving the white blood cells

17 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition Nephro- Kidney Lith Stone nephrolithKidney stone

18 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition Osteo- Bone Malacia Softening osteomalaciaSoftening of the bone

19 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition Acro- extremities Megaly enlargement acromegalyEnlargement of the extremities

20 RootSuffixMedical TermDefinition rhino- Nose Rrhea Flow; discharge rhinorrheaDischarge from the nose

21 PrefixRootSuffixMedical Term Definition Ortho- straight odont tooth -ist specialist orthodontistSpecialist in straightening teeth

22 PrefixRootSuffixMedical Term Definition Poly- many Aden- Glands It is inflammation polyadenitisInflammation /swelling of many glands

23 PrefixRootSuffixMedical Term Definition Hypo below Chondr- Cartilage Aic- Pertaining to hypochondraic Pertaining to below the cartilage

24 PrefixRootSuffixMedical Term Definition Electro electricity Encephalo- Brain Gram measurement Electroencephalo -gram Measurement of brain’s electrical activity

25 PrefixRootSuffixMedical Term Definition Erythro- red Cyto Cell Penia deficiency erythrocytopenia Deficiency of red blood cells

26 PrefixRootSuffixMedical Term Definition Hyper above Glyc Glucose/ sugar Emia Blood condition hyperglycemia Blood condition of high levels of blood sugar

27 PrefixRootSuffixMedical Term Definition hydro Water nephro- Kidney Sis State of hydronephr osis Condition of water on the kidney

28 PrefixRootSuffixMedical TermDefinition Megalo- enlargement Cephal Head It is Inflammation Megalocephal- itis Inflammation causing the enlargement of the head

29 PrefixRootSuffixMedical Term Definition Fibro fiber My- Muscle Algia Pain fibromyalgiaPain of muscle fibers

30 Root Medical TermDefinition Gastro Stomach Intestinal Intestine GastrointestinalPertaining to the stomach and intestinal region

31 Root Medical TermDefinition Cardio Heart Vascular Blood vessels CardiovascularSystem of the heart and blood vessels

32 Root Medical TermDefinition Arterio Artery Sclerosis Hardening arteriosclerosisHardening of the arteries

33 Root Medical TermDefinition Cardio Heart Pulmonary Lung cardiopulmonaryPertaining to the heart and lungs (circulation)

34 Root Medical TermDefinition Cerebro Cerebrum Spinal Spinal cord cerebrospinalPertaining to the cerebrum (brain) and spine

35 Root Medical TermDefinition Cholecysto- Gallbladder Gram Measurment cholecystogramMeasurement of the gallbladder

36 Root Medical TermDefinition Dermato Skin Mycosis Fungal dermatomycosisFungal infection of the skin

37 Root Medical TermDefinition Osteo Bone Sarcoma Fleshy/ Connective tissue osteosarcomaFleshy bone, cancerous tumor of the bone

38 Root Medical TermDefinition Pharyngeal- Throat Esophageal Esophagus pharyngealesoph ageal Pertaining to the throat and esophagus

39 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition Cerebro Cerebrum Vascular Blood vessels cerebrovascularPertaining to the blood vessels of the cerebrum (brain)

40 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition

41 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition

42 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition

43 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition

44 PrefixRootMedical TermDefinition






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