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Facilitated by: Student Judicial Programs Student Wellbeing Office Server/Host Training.

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1 Facilitated by: Student Judicial Programs Student Wellbeing Office Server/Host Training

2 Training Roadmap The 3 Rs Facts about alcohol Roles and responsibilities Harm reduction strategies Scenarios Q&A

3 Reasonable Responsible Respectful

4 Facts about alcohol One alcoholic drink =.50 oz. of pure alcohol (ETOH) The only difference between beer, wine or liquor is the concentration of ETOH Standard serving size Beer = 12 oz. Wine = 5 oz. Liquor (80-proof) = 1.5 oz. Punch = ?

5 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Blood Alcohol Content is the amount of alcohol in your blood. BAC depends on: o The total amount of blood you have (which will increase with weight and body mass). o The amount of alcohol you consume over time.

6 BAC Chart


8 The Biphasic Response

9 Alcohol Emergency Some reasons to call REMS 713-348-6000 o Uncontrollable or aggressive behavior o Unable to sit or stand without help o Incoherence o Vomiting o Semi- or unconsciousness o Uncontrolled shaking o Difficulty breathing o Any injury + intoxication

10 Server Roles & Responsibilities Be familiar with Rice alcohol policy and state laws Check IDs and wrist band 1 drink per person Do not serve a person who appears intoxicated Suspicious behavior Returning for another drink in short amount of time Fake ID

11 Host Roles & Responsibilities Accountability: host is responsible for what happens at a party Must be present for the party Must be sober Party manager: Food Water Uphold alcohol policy (3 Rs)

12 Rice Alcohol Policy 5 Key Points

13 Rice Alcohol Policy It is illegal and against Rice Policy to drink if you are under 21. Public events must be registered with Student Judicial Programs (SJP). Private events with more than five guests must be registered with the CJ twenty-four hours in advance.

14 Rice Alcohol Policy If someone is too intoxicated, call REMS at 713-348-6000. Both the caller and the person of concern will receive amnesty for any alcohol or drug use that preceded the call. This amnesty will not apply to prohibited conduct, such as violence, property damage, giving hard alcohol to underage peers, or distribution of dangerous substances.

15 Rice Alcohol Policy No hard alcohol is allowed in rooms/suites with residents under 21. Serving hard alcohol is always banned in private spaces. Consumption of hard alcohol is prohibited in the presence of students under 21 and during Beer Bike, nights of large public parties, move-in/out weekends, OWL days, and VISION weekends.

16 Rice Alcohol Policy How does the policy apply to you in your role? What will happen if you don’t abide by this policy? Personal consequences Community consequences

17 Planning the Event Why is this party or event happening? What is the goal? Logistics: Date & time Promotion Recruiting trained alcohol servers…whose responsibility is it to serve? Physical layout Where will people enter/exit? Where is security positioned throughout venue? Purchasing

18 During the Event Food & drink Where is your alcohol from and who is buying it? Decorations Activities Monitoring the patrons and making your party fun

19 After the Event Clean-up Security report Unused alcohol Private gatherings

20 Harm Reduction Strategies What should take place at the point of service? Why is it important to serve and monitor standard drinks? Biphasic Model How can you prevent excessive access to alcohol for high-risk students? What are some things to consider in setting up a safe environment? Who can help you plan/implement a safe party?

21 Server Scenarios/Practice An upper-classman is asking for a beer and he is obviously intoxicated, slurring his words and having trouble standing up straight. What do you need to do first? Who can you ask for help What are some potential issues you need to consider?

22 Host Scenario/Practice You are hosting a party. Everything seems to be running smoothly when you notice a group of students have brought some hard liquor and are sharing it with others. This is not a 21 and up party. What do you need to do first? Who can you ask for help What are some potential issues you need to consider?

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