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The Effect of Various Types of Exercise on Heart Rate.

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1 The Effect of Various Types of Exercise on Heart Rate

2 Procedure 1. Start by finding your heart rate. You can try your neck or wrist. The teacher will ask you to count the beats for 10 seconds. Take this number and multiply it by 6 for your resting heart rate in beats per minute. Record this on the bottom of your lab sheet. 2. For this inquiry, you will measure your heart rate in beats per minute for 8 different exercises, each done for one minute. You will rest between the exercise to allow your heart rate to reach its resting level. You and two team mates will find the average heart rate for each exercise by calculating the mean for the team’s heart rate on the 8 exercises. 3. Finally, we will compare the average heart rates for all 8 exercises to find which exercise raises the heart rate the most.

3 Step 1: State the Problem The statement of problem is a question that you will answer in the experiment. It asks what the effect of the independent variable will be on the dependent variable. Write the Statement of Problem on your lab sheet. Which type of exercise will raise our team’s heart rate the most?

4 Step 2: Collect Information Your teacher will now demonstrate all eight exercises. Observe so that you can make an educated guess for your hypothesis. Remember, you are thinking about which exercise will raise your team’s heart rate the most. JUMPING JACKS: Arms and legs straight, clap hands together SQUATS: Feet shoulder width apart, arms out in front, squat to 90 degrees, knees don’t go in front of toes JUMP ROPE: Either skip or both feet together RUN: Jog in place PUSH UPS: Back flat, knees on ground, hands directly below shoulders, lower chest to floor HIGH KNEES: Stand in place, jump and bring knees up to belly button SIT UPS: Knees bent, back flat, arms crossed over chest and bring chest up to knees ISOMETRIC PLANK: Forearms and toes on ground, legs straight, hold pose


6 Form a Hypothesis A hypothesis uses background information to create an educated guess about what will happen in the experiment. A hypothesis is written in an “If…then” format. If we do a variety of exercises and measure our heart rates, then ______________will raise our heart rates the most.

7 Design the Experiment The Independent Variable in this experiment is… The Dependent Variable in this experiment is… The Constant Variables in this experiment are…

8 Conduct the Experiment Complete the following procedure for each of the 8 exercises demonstrated by your teacher. 1. Listen and watch your teacher for instructions on how to perform the exercise. 2. Partner A does the exercise for 60 seconds while partner B times using the stopwatch. 3. Partner A counts his or her heartbeats for 10 seconds (using your wrist or your neck) while partner B times using the stopwatch. Record this number on data table. 4. Partners A and B switch. **Make sure you relax and bring your heart rate down to a resting level between each exercise.

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