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Beat the heat Environmental By: Shannan Higgins and Maya Mazier

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1 Beat the heat Environmental By: Shannan Higgins and Maya Mazier
Science Fair Project Beat the heat Environmental By: Shannan Higgins and Maya Mazier

2 Statement Of Problem Does the greater SPF effect how long the sunscreen will protect a person from the sun’s UV rays?

3 Project Overview We are going to apply spf 15, 30,50 and a control group( there will not be any sunscreen applied to this strip) to UV sun sense strips. We will be testing to see weather or not the spf’s strength makes it last longer. We will have several trials for each category. So, we get a more accurate answer.

4 Research We made sure we had all things labeled correctly (such as our independent variable, dependent variable and etc. We researched what was need of us to carry out our project For example what sunscreen we needed to use We researched what type of information was needed to make the data tables We also created a system which had made it easier to label each individual group

5 Variables The independent variable is the spf number
The dependent variable is the time it takes for the sunscreen to stop working effectively The constant variables are type of strip, type of sunscreen, location of strips, time strips are outside, temperature, and the amount of spf

6 Hypothesis If we apply SPF 15, SPF 30, and SPF 50 to UV SUN Sense wrist bands then we will find that SPF 50 lasts the longest compared to SPF 15 and 30 because it has the strongest UV sun protection.

7 Materials Sun SPF 15 Coppertone spray sunscreen
Sun Wise Sun Strips Timer Paper Labels

8 Procedure Follow safety precautions such at being sure not to look at the sun directly and be sure no to get sun screen in your eyes. Gather materials Place UV Sun Sense wrist band face up on to the according piece of paper labeled by spf strength(for example 15 , 30 and so on) Apply spf 15, 30 ,50 and leave one band without sunscreen Wait outside along side the wrist bands for fifty minuets and record the times of when the wrist bands turn from cream to purple Calculate the amount of time it took the strips to change for each trial Find the average time for each spf Analyze data to see which spf lasted the longest

9 Photos

10 Data/Observations Measured in seconds
Control Group Spf 50 Spf 30 trials 1 12 4740 6420 trials 2 13 4860 6060 trials 3 10 4620 5940 Measured in seconds After sitting alongside spf 15 for 2hrs nothing changed!

11 Conclusion We found our hypothesis to be incorrect because we felt that spf fifty would last the longest Surprisingly spf 15 lasted longest

12 Possible Experimental Errors
Stopping timer to quickly. Not starting early enough in the day when UV rays are strongest. Not starting at same times in the day for each experiment trial.

13 Applications and Recommendations
Start at the same time during each trial. Make sure the data is organized and labeled. Make sure the data is protected from the wind. The independent variables need to stay constant during the whole experiment. For this experiment you will need more than one person. Do the experiment again with a generic brand sunscreen. For application in every day life make sure to reapply sunscreen very often when you are exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

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