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Animal Flow: The Benefits of Quadrupedal Movement

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1 Animal Flow: The Benefits of Quadrupedal Movement
Presented by: Mike Fitch, Creator of Animal Flow & President of Global Bodyweight Training AFPA October 2014

2 Why “Animal Flow?” Animal: Experience movement as the HUMAN ANIMAL
Flow: Integrated, fluid, multi-planar transfer of energy

3 Functional Training So, what exactly is this “Functional Training?”

4 Functional Training Mike’s Definition:
training a client to reach specific goals or address specific issues, such injuries or postural distortions , while improving their ability to perform at their work, sport, hobby or day to day life

5 Reconnecting Our Bodies to the Ground

6 Our Teacher: The Ground

7 Ground Reaction Force Be aware and conscious of our GRF
Minimize impact Dissipate forces through the kinetic chain

8 The Single Plane Human


10 The Neuromuscular Superhighway
Connection to the ground Kinetic chains Slings

11 Multi-Planar Movement

12 Benefits of Animal Flow

13 Benefits of Animal Flow
Improved movement = Improved function Increasing intermuscular coordination and neuromuscular efficiency Improving mobility, flexibility and stability through multiple planes of motion Utilizing maximum oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure Increased cardiovascular response

14 Program Integration Dynamic Warm-Up Interval Training / HIIT
Circuit and Strength Training Stand Alone or Integrated Assessment Correction

15 Animal Flow Components
Wrist Mobilizations Form Specific Stretches Activations Traveling Forms Switches & Transitions Flows

16 Wrist Mobilizations Increase extensibility / flexibility at the wrists
Movement Preparation Body Scan / Connection

17 Sample Wrist Mobs

18 Form Specific Stretches
Full end points of Range of Motion (ROM) (flexion followed by extension; internal rotation followed by external rotation) May be used as statics, active dynamics, or conditioning (multiple reps) Quick check - movement assessment

19 The Crab Reach

20 Activations Preparing the body, reconnecting systems: Static Beast
Static Crab Progressively increase the challenge by systematically decreasing the base of support: Limb lift

21 Beast Activations

22 Traveling Forms “The ABCs of Animal Movements”
Crawling into dynamic stabilization

23 Forward Traveling Beast

24 Switches and Transitions
Movement Windows Conditioning Integration into strength programs

25 Underswitch

26 Flows Seamless transfer of energy “Call-Outs” versus “Flows”
Vary forms, temp, duration

27 Learn more about Animal Flow:
Interested in trying out Animal Flow? Use code AFPAFLOW to save $15 off the video at:

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