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No Huddle Presentation By John Konecki Crete-Monee High School (708)367-2872

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1 No Huddle Presentation By John Konecki Crete-Monee High School (708)367-2872

2 What Are The Players Saying About It? (Senior Exit Interviews) “Conditioning-Wore out defenses-No Team was ever really ready.” “Repetitions made me focus a lot more.” “Speed-I had to remember a lot. I had to do it faster and know what I had to do.” “Opponents-Tired-They tried to match their best speed with our best speed.” “Extra conditioning. Hate when we huddle up. When I play in Madden I don’t even huddle in Madden.”

3 Who Am I? 2008-2012 Coached in 114 football games 2011 and 2012 Combined Coaching Record:44-2 (.956 Winning Percentage)

4 Who Am I? Four Consecutive Undefeated Regular Seasons (Full No Huddle) 2012 Combined Coaching Record:25-1 (.961 Winning Percentage) Chicago Force11-1 (National Championship Runner-Up) Crete-Monee High School14-0 (IHSA 6A State Champions) 2011 Combined Coaching Record: 19-2 (.904 Winning Percentage) Chicago Force 9-1 Crete-Monee High School10-1

5 Why No Huddle? (Total Number of TDs per season) YearPassing TDRushing TDTotal TD Total Number of PlaysScoring Ratio 20072313365151 TD out of 14.3 plays 2008516214271 TD out of 20.3 Plays 20091640564921 TD out of 8.78 plays 20102420444901 TD out of 11.13 plays 2011292857583 1 TD out of 10.22 plays (full no huddle) 2012324173709 1 TD out of 9.71 plays (full no huddle)

6 Why No Huddle? (Offensive Totals Per Season) YearGamesRushing Avg per gamePassing Avg per gameTotal Avg per game 2007111498136.1820911903589326.27 2008101551155.170670.62257225.7 20091223521961421118.43773314.46 2010121363113.52109175.753472289.3 2011111774161.22822256.54596417.8 2012141714122.43408243.45122365.8

7 Why No Huddle? (QB State Records) Pass Completed Career437#10 All time IL Pass Completed Season238#13 All time IL Passing Yards Career6169#16 All time IL Passing Yards Season3347#12 All time IL TDs Passing Career69#13 All time IL TDs Passing Season40#15 All time IL Total Yardage Career6492#14 All time IL Total Offense Season3477#10 All time IL Total Career Completion %67.20%#5 Nationally

8 Why No Huddle? (WR State Records) Career Total Receptions210#5 All time IL Yards Received Career3563#2 All time IL Most Yards Receiving Season(2011)1391#11 All time IL Most Yards Receiving Season(2012)1424#10 All time IL Most Yards Receiving Career3563#2 All time IL Most TDs receiving Career41#5 All time IL Most TDs receiving Season(2011)18#19 All time IL Career Total Receptions140#20 All time IL WR #1 WR #2

9 Why No Huddle? (New Math) It’s Not Called Slow Huddle! Old Math per Offensive Prep Period – 40 minutes prep=40 Plays – Per Week =160 plays No Huddle Math per Offensive Prep Period – 40 minutes prep=120 plays – Per Week=480 plays Increase of 320 plays per prep week

10 Why No Huddle? (Practice) Perpetual Motion-Sharks Never Stop Moving Because if they do they Die! Centers Snapping-Film Example Offensive Line Karate Drills-Tunch Ilkin Wide Receivers-Box Drill-Film Example

11 What Have We Tried? (Wrist Coaches) Positive – The players knew exactly what they were supposed to do on every single play based upon the wrist coach. In theory, this should cut down on the number of mistakes players make because each of the wrist coaches has been developed for a specific player on the field.

12 What Have We Tried? (Wrist Coaches) Positive – Used the number range calling. – The number 10-15 were all the same plays

13 What Have We Tried? (Wrist Coaches) Negative – It was evident pretty early on that our players were becoming too reliant on the wrist coach for the information they needed and they stop committing things to memory. Additionally, the wrist coaches did not allow us to go as fast as we would have liked to throughout the game because the players would take too long to read their assignment prior to the snap of the ball.

14 What Have We Tried? (Wrist Coaches) Negative – Preparation Time was intense! – The Play sheets all had to be laminated. – Wrist coaches needed to be washed and dried. – Collection of the wrist coaches was an issue after every practice.

15 What Have We Tried? (Wrist Coaches) Outcome – After the second game of the season we scrapped this system because it became too time consuming for the players. Additionally, on at least one occasion our player read the wrong thing on the wrist coach and made a mistake that ultimately cost us the game.

16 What Have We Tried? (Check with Me) We use this when we are in our motion sets. We will motion a wide out and give the quarterback the ability to pick the best possible play based upon the presented stimuli Check with Me-can be a run/run, pass/run, pass/pass option.

17 What Have We Tried? (Check with Me) Used throughout the week of practice Scout teams will give us two distinct looks based upon our pre-snap alignment Quarterback will need to make the correct adjustment during his pre-snap read

18 What Have We Tried? (Nascar/Indy) Positives – It caused us to lose very little teaching time once a predetermined play was given a tag. – Running the offense at the fastest tempo – Great to run after a big play

19 What Have We Tried? (Nascar/Indy) Negatives – At this point in time we have had very few mistakes when running this system. Therefore, for us there have not been any glaring negative outcomes associated with it.

20 What Have We Tried? (Nascar/Indy) Outcomes – The system allows us to run one or multiple plays anywhere on the field of play. – Additionally, it allows us to run the offense at a speed that is very difficult for the defense to simulate in practice.

21 What Have We Tried? (Warp Speed) What is it?-Film Example State Finals – Warp Speed is the bigger, faster, stronger older brother of Nascar/Indy – 3-5 pre-selected plays to be run consecutively. – Fastest Pace – Can be run multiple times throughout a contest anywhere on the field

22 What Have We Tried? (Scan) Scan plus one-Film Example Scan plus two-Film Example Scan Freeze-Film Example

23 How Do We Practice It? Beat the Clock-1st Offense vs 2nd Offense complete against each other in timed segment of 3 plays. Friendly wager made between both teams. Fast Break-Run plays as quickly as you can. Videotape the segment and make corrections in classroom.

24 Resources Books My Journey into the World of No Huddle Football Education of a Coach Management Secrets of the New England Patriots Advanced Techniques in Scouting Football Clock Management by John T. Reed When the Game Stands Tall The Contrarian Approach to Football Sacred Hoops The Mental Side of Fighting Talent Code The Hurry Up No Huddle: An Offensive Philosophy Coaching the No Huddle Offense Toss

25 Resources DVDs Kevin Kelley 4th Down Philosophy Mike Roark The Swinging Gate Tom Lewis The Hybrid Hawkeye Vision Vision Trainer Tunch Ilkin Tunch Punch Guz Malzahn Teaching WR Routes Darin Slack The Self Correct System Ron West Developing the Shotgun Center Ken Leonard Shovel Pass with Tags Cool Clinic Paul Alexander How to Play Guard 2007 Alex Gibbs The Outside Zone Play 2007 Tom Bresnahan The No Huddle Offense & Line Fundamentals 2007 Howard Mudd The Inside Zone Play 1997 Bill Muir Single Back Running Game 2006 Paul Alexander How to Play Center 2006 Jim McNally Blocking Techniques that are new 1997 Chalk Talk Session 2006 Chalk Talk Session 2007 Chalk Talk Session 2011

26 Resources Websites

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