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Location-Based Resources SOC MED 200 February 2012.

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1 Location-Based Resources SOC MED 200 February 2012

2 Wikipedia Definition A location-based service (LBS) or resource is an information or entertainment service that is accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and uses information on the geographical position of the mobile device. An LBS identifies a location of a person or an object. LBS can be used in a variety of contexts, such as health, object search, entertainment, work and personal life. For this presentation, we focus on location-based resources that are not based on geosocial meet-ups. 2/12/2012 2 Soc Med 200

3 Pew Research: 28% of U.S. Adults Use Mobile and Location-based Services Source study: 2/12/2012 3 Soc Med 200

4 Use Cases: There’s an app for that

5 ResourceCategoryPurpose Find my iPhone/iPadDevice locatorsFind lost/stolen Apple iDevices BikeTrakGPS tracker + cell phoneRecover stolen bikes Workplace servicesFacilities mgmt w/ Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & WLANsSchedule meeting rooms, locate printers, etc. UPS, USPSPackages & goods shippingParcel tracking and delivery RedLaser, AmazonBarcode and QR scannersPrice comparison for consumer products Groupon, Living SocialDiscount coupons and dealsEntertainment, restaurants, personal services Retail chain stores and franchises (& hotels)Customer loyalty and rewards programsTrack purchases in multiple locations Weather ChannelMicro-locale weather reports Weather reports and forecasts by zip code Google Maps, WSDOT, InrixTraffic flow and street mapsDirections, traffic flow, travel time estimates OneBusAwayPublic transportation availabilityTrack Puget Sound bus, train and ferry routes Alaska AirlinesTravel conciergeElectronic check-in, flight arrival & departure Art museums (MOMA) and eventsArt exhibits and collectionsMuseum tours, neighborhood art walks GeocachingEntertainmentOutdoor treasure hunting game FandangoEntertainmentGet theaters and showtimes, tickets, reviews MapMyFITNESSHealthTrack athletic performance and goals PulsePointHealth/Cardiac careFind citizens trained to perform CPR

6 Things to come Emergency services responders (EMT, fire, police) Car repair service (AAA) Yard sales alerts listing locales and inventories Mobile wallets not credit/debit cards and cash Order your favorite food and drink just by walking through the door of your local hangout. (Mobile profile) Future LBS will involve augmented reality 2/1/2012 6 Soc Med 200

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