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1 Presentation by Dyakova Paulina and Hachatryan Astchik
“The Woman Who Disappeared” by Philip Prowse

2 The Woman Who Disappeared

3 A Visitor My name’s Samuel. I’m private eye. I’m not a policeman. I work on my own. Recently, I haven’t been very busy. Suddenly, I heard someone walk into the outer room. I thought that someone had made a mistake and come into the wrong office. But a moment later, there was a very quite knock on the door of the inner room. The door opened and in walked one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was about eighteen years old, with blue eyes and long blonde hair. She said she had a little job for me. Her sister had disappeared.

4 Please Find My Sister The girl’s name was Helen Garfield. She said she hadn’t reported her sister’s disappearance to the police. She looked very nervous and as starting to cry. She said her sister’s name was Elaine Garfield and she had disappeared a week ago. Helen said they were twins. She gave me the address of her sister’s flat and the name of the office where she worked. She refused to give me her address. Then she walked out of the office.

5 The Manson Building I opened the top left-hand drawer and took out my gun, a .38 Smith and Wesson. Then I put it back in the drawer. I walked out into the street, jumped in my old grey Chrysler and drove off fast towards Sunset Place (Elaine’s address). The Manson Building was a tall, ugly block of apartment. I parked the Chrysler outside and walked towards the big glass front doors. The porter said Miss Elaine Garfield lived in Apartment 716.

6 A Very Tidy Apartment I rang the bell beside the door of Apartment 716, but there was no answer. I pushed a piece of plastic into the space between the door and the door frame and moved the plastic up and down. The door opened and I went into the flat. It was a modern apartment. I could see the bedroom which was very neat and tidy. The wardrobe was almost empty. It was very strange because people who disappear don’t usually take most of their clothes with them. The kitchen was also very clean and tidy. Everything was in its place. The bathroom, too, was empty and clean. I wiped everything I had touched, because I didn’t want to leave any fingerprints. Then I switched off the lights and opened the door to leave. But I didn’t leave. There were two men outside and one of them was holding a gun pointed at me. Then both of the men came in. The man with the gun hit me on the face and I fell on the floor. Everything went black. I was unconscious.

7 Myer and Myer I woke up with pain in my head. I drove slowly back to the office. The telephone was ringing when I arrived at the office. I went in quickly and answered it. Someone on the phone told me to forget about Elaine Garfield. I decided to do what the man told me. I would forget all about Elaine Garfield – for ten hours. I left the café and walked over to the Chrysler. At three minutes past nine, I was standing outside the door of Myer and Myer, Attorneys. Mr Meyer said Miss Elaine Garfield worked here. But she hasn’t been to work since last Monday. I asked if he could tell me anything about her disappearance. But he said he couldn’t help me. He told me Elaine Garfield worked with Suzy Graham. I walked out of Mr Meyer’s office and knocked on the door on the left. She said she could tell me about Elaine Garfield.

8 Suzy Suzy put on her coat and we left the office together. She was told that Elaine had left work suddenly, and she hurried off in the middle of the afternoon. “Elaine and I used to be quite friendly and we went out dancing together a lot. But recently we haven’t been out together at all,” Suzy told me.

9 Benny Greep The address was: Las Cabanas. 232 Golden Drive. Telephone : I left the café and walked over to where I had parked the Chrysler. As I drove the grey Chrysler away from Las Cabanas, I look at address the cleaner had written: 5314 Arieda street west Los Angeles. Then I quickly looked round the main room again. The dead man’s coat was lying on a chair and I left in the pockets. I found a few dollars and a driving license. The dead man in the bath was definitely Benny Greep.

10 Arrested for Murder I moved around the room and carefully cleaned everything had touched. I picked up the telephone and asked for the police. Three minutes later, I heard the police car coming. Two policemen walked into the apartment. The older policeman asked me where was the body. I pointed to the bathroom. The younger one asked me why I had done it. I said I hadn’t kill him. Then they took me to the police station.

11 Sergeant Murphy While I was in the police station. I was wondering how had Jo and his tall friend known that I was in Elaine Garfield’s apartment? Suddenly, the door opened and a policeman came in. I stood up and followed the policeman along the corridor. In the room, there was a man sitting behind desk. His name was Sergeant Murphy. He didn’t like private detectives. He started to ask me questions about Benny Greep. I told him I hadn’t kill him. But Sergeant Murphy didn’t believe a word of what I’ve told him. He thought I was hiding something from him. He wanted me to tell him all I know. I said I had already told him, but he didn’t let me go.

12 The Yellow Car As I got my car out of the police garage, I wondered why Sergeant Murphy had let me go. As i drove away from the police station, I noticed a small yellow car behind me. I drove back to the office. As I parked the car outside, I noticed the yellow car had stopped across the road. I ran up the stairs and into my office. The outer room was empty. There was a letter from Helen Garfield on the table. It was saying she wanted to meet me at Las Cabanas. I got into the Chrysler and drove off towards the Mansion Building. The small yellow car was still following me.

13 A short Visit to the Manson Building
There was a loud crash and a bang, as the small yellow car ran right into the back of my big, old, grey Chrysler. I got out and said to the driver to be more careful I ran back to the Chrysler, jumped in and drove on. I was at the Manson Building and I went into the hall, to look for the porter. The porter was sitting at his desk, asleep. There was a telephone number written on the piece of paper. It was the number of Las Cabanas I had found out what I wanted. The two men who had hit me on the head had probably came from Las Cabanas I was going to Las Cabanas I sat down at a table by the dance floor, in the darkest part of the room, and waited.

14 Las Cabanas Exactly at eleven thirty, Helen Garfield came into the nightclub A waiter came over and I ordered some drinks I told her that I was suspected of murder. Then I told Helen about my visit to her sister’s apartment in the Manson Building. I told her about the two men had caught me there. She listened in silence. I said that the band in the club had a new drummer tonight, because I found the old drummer dead in his bath this morning. His name is Benny Greep I told her what had happened at the police station. Then I told her about the policeman who had followed me in a yellow car. I asked her who she had spoken to at Myer and Myer. She said she had spoken to Mr Myer Then I asked her why she had wanted me to meet her here, at Las Cabanas. Then she suddenly picked her bag up from the floor and walked over towards the ladies’ toilet. It was almost midnight.

15 Helen Garfield Leaves I looked at my watch again. It was five past twelve. Helen Garfield was taking a long time. I finished my drink and ordered another one. At ten past, I got up and walked over towards the entrance. There was a man standing by the front door of the nightclub. I asked him if he had seen Helen. He told me she had left nearly a quarter of an hour Then I saw a man walking across the dance floor towards me. I recognized him. I was Jo – one of the men who had found me in Elaine Garfield’s apartment. I decided to leave. The tall man had seen me coming and had moved in front of the door. Now I couldn’t get out.

16 The Fight and The Police Station
I was caught. I could not go out of the door and Jo was right behind me. There was a loud bang as the gun went off. The bang was followed by a scream of pain from one of the cooks, because the tall man had shot him in the foot by mistake. I came to the Chrysler and bent over to open the door. Just then, there was a noise behind me. I turned around and saw a man with his arm raised. Then I felt a terrible pain in my head. Everything went black. I fell to the ground, unconscious. I opened my eyes and looked around. I found myself in the police station. I thought for a moment. I wasn’t sure how much the police knew. I didn’t want to tell the police anything they did not already know. The policeman led me along the corridor. The policeman stopped at a door and knocked. I walked into the room and the policeman followed. There was a man in the room. It was Sergeant Murphy. He said someone who had wanted to kill me had put me in the middle of the road. He wondered who it could have been. I said that hundreds of people wanted to kill me, including a few policeman.

17 Tell Me the Truth Sergeant Murphy told me he was interested in Las Cabanas. He said the club was owned by criminals. But they can’t prove that they have broken law. He was also interested in Benny Greep’s murder. He asked me to tell him all I knew about Las Cabanas and Benny Greep. And then he said he would let me go. But he said he wanted only the truth. I told him about everything except Elaine Garfield. So, I told the sergeant that Helen Garfield, from New York had asked me to find out about Las Cabanas. I said I didn’t know Helen’s address in New York. I also said I didn’t know her address in Los Angeles. I told sergeant all I knew about Benny Greep. Then I told him about the fight in Las Cabanas. Then Sergeant Murphy said that he was going to telephone the New York police to ask them about Helen Garfield.

18 Telephone Calls As I climbed the stairs, I could hear my telephone ringing. I answered it. I recognised the voice at ones. It was Jo. He said they wanted Elaine Garfield and that they knew where she was. He said they were coming to my office. Then Jo put the telephone down. The telephone rang again. It was Sergeant Murphy. He said that the New York police had told them there is no such person as Helen Garfield. He said I was lying that I was working for Helen. He said he was sending a police car to my office. I hoped that the policeman and Jo wouldn’t arrive at the same time.

19 I Find Elaine Garfield The telephone rang again. It was Helen Garfield. She wanted to see me. She suggested meeting at the “Seventh Mann” café. I decided to go and meet Helen Garfield, though both Jo and Sergeant Murphy told me not to go out. I walked over and sat down beside Helen. I told her I knew she had pretended to be Helen. I said I wanted her to tell me all about herself and about Benny Greep and Las Cabanas.

20 Everything Is Explained
Elaine told me that she had spent a lot of time in Las Cabanas, watching Benny play. And also she said she had watched everything else witch happened in the nightclub. She said there had been a red-haired man, a tall man in a hat, and one or two others. She said she had watched the men more carefully and had noticed that they always arrived with bags. She asked Benny about the men but Benny said there had been a lot of strange things at Las Cabanas. She said that ones she had seen into the bag. The bag was full of diamonds and jewellery. Elaine told me that Benny had known for a long time that criminals used Las Cabanas as a place to bay and sell Stolen things. Benny said Elaine that the jewellery was stolen. Benny wanted to steal one of the bags. She agreed to help him. They wanted to sell the bag and go away together. After nearly a week they managed to steal the bag. They decided to hide it in Elaine’s apartment. Then she had a telephone call from Benny. He told Elaine that the red-haired man knew that the bag was stolen. Elaine stayed at home for three days. Then she said she had moved into a hotel and then had come to see me. She wanted to make sure she was safe.

21 I’m Sorry, Mr Samuel Benny told Elaine that the red-haired man knew they had stolen the jewellery. Then it turned out that Benny was dead. Elaine decided not to give the men jewellery because they had killed Benny. The bag was with her. Then suddenly I heard a voice and Elaine screamed. It was Jo. She wanted the jewellery back. I passed him the bag. Then I hit him in the face. Then I noticed the tall man holding a gun pointed at towards the door. But their actions were not successful because. There were Sergeant Murphy and two other policemen in the door way behind them. Then we all were taken to the police station. It took a long time to tell Sergeant Murphy the whole story. In the end he believed what Elaine and I told him. He also agreed to let Elaine go free, because she helped catch the criminals. Elaine thanked Sergeant Murphy and me. I got into the old Chrysler and drove back to the office I didn’t say goodbye.

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