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Aboriginal Artform Kathy Weise – Musical selection April 24, 2005.

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2 Aboriginal Artform Kathy Weise – Musical selection April 24, 2005

3 Presentation Index Select a Section to Explore Listen to Musical Selection & Didgeridoo Aboriginal Culture Credits/ References Personal Connection

4 Listen to Musical Selection Link to Music Video ( from internet – may take several minutes to load in browser window)Link to Music Video Play song by clicking on icon Song Title: Mainstream Band: Yothu Yindi Date of composition: Contemporary / 2002 Link to Band website Didgeridoo The band features the didgeridoo, an ancient instrument from indigenous cultures (also heard in presentation introduction)

5 Didgeridoo & Aboriginal Music More Didgeridoo

6 Didgeridoo - continued  The didgeridoo is ancient instrument that is often painted and decorated  Clapsticks, didgeridoo, drums, boomerang, costumes and dance are all valuable parts of traditional ceremonies

7 Aboriginal Culture  The Dreamtime is a creation myth that their world started empty and was created in a dream by supernatural beings – “Our beautiful world has been created only in accordance with the power, wisdom and intentions of our ancestral beings.”  Many different tribes – many dialects of language  Music is a long tradition in Aboriginal culture and a vital part of sacred ceremonies – traditional songs are used in telling and maintaining Dreaming stories

8 Personal Connection I think that this song represents what it must feel like to live in an indigenous culture trying to fit into the modern world with very different values and beliefs but living together and sharing dreams.

9 Credits / References  Aboriginal Art Resources  Photos from Yothu Yindi Band website:  Music Video movie clip:  Aboriginal Art Online - Culture ure.php ure.php  Didgeridoo song used in introduction - htm htm

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