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Simple and Secure Approach to Discovery at the Desktop.

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1 Simple and Secure Approach to Discovery at the Desktop

2 Today’s Discovery Challenges?

3 Agenda How Hard Can it Be? Why Data Discovery Needs to be Secure Data on the Desktop Local Versus Server Based Indexes The Art of Index Encryption But What about Speed Degradation Single-Click tm Federated Search Real Time Federated Searching To Sum Up

4 How Hard Can it Be? For the user as simple as unlocking a door For the unauthorised user, as unfulfilling as opening an empty box.

5 Why Data Discovery Needs to be Secure Stop unauthorised access Prevent data theft Allow a complete index & search solution to be deployed Give total piece of mind to the data & content owners

6 We all do it! But should it be there? A secure discovery tools should – Discover & Index Desktop Files Discover & Index File Servers Discover in ‘real time’ data in transit Encrypt the complete index (where applicable) Users should be trained to use file servers & or DM Servers Desktops are insecure Data on The Desktop

7 Local Versus Server Indexes Why should you have to choose? A secure local index to maintain local emails & off line files A secure server index to allow online access to file servers with a secure search to access back office data sources. All indexes should be encrypted, password protected All files should be transmitted encrypted. They are your business after all!!! Both indexes and other data should be accessible with a ‘Single Click Search’ tm If you have to choose, Then it is not a choice!

8 The Art of Index Encryption Keys should be unique Applications should allow authorised access only Server based files should be transmitted in an encrypted format, and deleted by the client application Desktop: each user should have a unique index Server: Should be behind a firewall. It is not art. Just common sense.

9 But What About Speed Degradation There should be none Security != bad performance No Security == lost & stolen information To compromise on security is to pass your details to others.

10 Personal Data Company Data Secure Personal Index Secure Company Index Internet Data Single-Click tm Federated Search

11 Real Time Federated Searching Static data is indexed, and continuously updated. Databases and production systems are queried in real- time, which means results are always up-to-date. Search results from both static indexes and live systems are collated on the fly and returned to the user a a single result set. A secure data discovery tool will provide a full search result

12 To Sum Up All indexes and transferred data should be encrypted. Security profiles should be used to verify access rights. Users should only see results they have permission to see. Index & Search Server must not send any information to any other systems. Discovery tools should be able to discover data in transit Images should be fully indexed and searchable We Believe:

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