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Integrate empower communicate Flexible Spending Accounts Health Reimbursement Arrangements Commuter Transit and Parking Accounts Health Savings Accounts.

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1 Integrate empower communicate Flexible Spending Accounts Health Reimbursement Arrangements Commuter Transit and Parking Accounts Health Savings Accounts COBRA Administration Integrated CDHC Solutions Integrate Empower Communicate

2 2 It’s Time To Get Connected Building Employee Engagement in CDH Account Plans Introducing The WealthCare Administration System

3 Pillars of Employee Engagement 3 Premium Education Tools Convenience of Access and Use Self Service Empowerment Tools Motivation and Communication Integrated Consumer Engagement Resources Single Stacked Debit Card Payment Solution

4 4 Convergence of Health and Wealth myFlexResource Benefits Card WealthCare HR Administration HSA Solution WealthCare Portal & Mobile

5 5 Integrated online consumer experience for all CDH accounts: FSA, HRA, HSA, Dependent Care Assistance Plan, Commuter Transit/Parking, Deductibles and more. Option to brand with client logo. Online enrollment into any account. View all benefit accounts available to the participant in order of reimbursement. Plan year, balances and contribution information. Ability to drill into account to see detailed plan information. WealthCare Portal Features

6 6 HSA Features: HSA Statements, Fund your HSA, Bill Payment and integrated investments. Communication history for communication alerts + opt-in/opt-out of messages. Report card lost/stolen and request a new card. Submit claims/add receipts online or through Mobile Application. Premium CDH education, calculators, flash videos, presentations and modeling tools - myflexresource/Resources.aspx myflexresource/Resources.aspx WealthCare Portal Core Features

7 7 WealthCare Portal Online Enrollment Customizable by employer Online Claims Submission Integration with imaging solution Event Based Consumer Notifications via email Monthly Account Statement Card Swipe Documentation Required Benefits Card Mailed Manual Claim Entered More! WealthCare Mobile Download App for Android and iphone View Account Balances View Transaction History View Manual Claim Details Self Service Empowerment Tools

8 8 500M users will have health apps by 2015 (Research2Guidance) 49% of adults own a smartphone (Pew) 60% of doctors believe health apps will reduce office visits 88% of doctors support patients monitoring their health at home More than 15,000 medical & healthcare apps available WealthCare Mobile Mobile Application Statistics

9 Employees Are Becoming addicted To Their Mobile Devices Do you check your mobile device during downtime? 88% of users do. 68% of Mobile Device owners sleep with their device next to their bed. 9 WealthCare Mobile

10 10 Downloadable Android and iPhone Applications Authenticates users with WealthCare Portal username/password Balances and Plan information Transaction History and Detail Submit Claims (upload claims and receipt direct to WealthCare Portal) View Emails Fund HSA/HSA Bill Pay WealthCare Mobile

11 11 WealthCare Portal – Participant Login Click here to login Click here to register

12 12 Participant Portal – Benefit Account Summary

13 13 Participant Portal – Benefit Account Details

14 14 Participant Portal – Transaction History

15 15 Participant Portal – Account Details

16 16 Participant Portal – Submit A Claim

17 17 Participant Portal – My Plan’s Forms & Documents Summary Plan Description

18 18 Participant Portal – My Profile

19 19 Single card multi stacked account payment solution connects all accounts Advanced auto substantiation technology logic Auto Substantiation of debit card transactions above 90% The #1 Factor in Participant Satisfaction Participant Portal – Debit Card

20 20 Participant Portal – Debit Card Lost/Stolen

21 21 Participant Portal – Communications - Announcements

22 22 Participant Portal – Communication Settings

23 23 Participant Portal – Enrollment

24 24 Participant Portal – Resources

25 25 Participant Portal – Resources FSA Video Library

26 26 Participant Portal – FSA Tools & Calculators

27 27 Participant Portal – FSA Forms and Online Resources

28 28 Participant Portal – Frequently Asked Questions

29 29 WealthCare Portal – HR Administrator Login Click here to login

30 30 TIP: Bookmark This Page Employer Portal - Login Enter Your Assigned User ID & Password

31 31 Employer Portal – HR Administration HR access to the following: Employer Reports Transactions Employee

32 32 Employer Portal – Employer Demographics Check Demographics Retrieve Employer ID

33 33 Employer Portal – Search Employees Click on Employee name to view detail.

34 34 Employer Portal – Employee Home Individual employee benefit account information

35 35 Employer Portal – Employee Benefit Accounts Drill down into employee account set-up information

36 36 Employer Portal – Transaction History Transaction details will appear in a table – click the column titles to sort

37 37 Employer Portal – Transaction Reports Click Transactions for reports regarding manually submitted claims (such as the Manual Claim Reimbursement report)

38 38 Employer Portal – Manual Claim Reimbursement

39 39 Employer Portal – Enrollees Reports Click Enrollees for reports regarding available employee funds (such as the Enrollee Account Balance report)

40 40 Employer Portal – Enrollee Account Balance Report Click Generate to run the report SELECT PARAMENTERS Employee Status: select only New and Active – optionally you may also select to see data for Terminated employees Generated reports can be retrieved by clicking View under Result

41 41 Employer Portal – Requested Reports Status If report is Queued – Click on View to Refresh To open the resulting report, click on the “Report Name” If there was no data with the specific parameters you set the Status will show NoData

42 42 Employer Portal – Enrollee Account Balance

43 Participant Role Play Cool, Joseph username: josephcool pw: Test9979 security answers: 1960 myFlexResource1 username: myflexresource1 pw: Test1234 security answers: 1960 _______________________________________________________ HR Role Play User Id: myabgdemo pw: DemoAbg1 43 Come Play in our Portal!

44 44 Bob Cummings @ ext. 211 - Support - Claims - Tel: 800-499-3539 Fax: 877-723-0147 Sales and Marketing

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