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Warm Up – Wednesday, October 8

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1 Warm Up – Wednesday, October 8
Directions: Is the adverb telling how, when, where, or why? Write in complete sentences! He drove slowly.  We’ll use the new software program tomorrow. He drove a very fast car. He hid the key nearby. She moved quite slowly down the aisle. 

2 You must answer in complete sentences at all times.
Rules You must answer in complete sentences at all times. You must fully explain your claim and reasoning (Topic Sentence and Commentaries).

3 Solve the mystery! Robbed? Ben tells an officer that his house was robbed the previous night. “What seems to be missing from your house?” the officer asks. “As far as I know, nothing.” Ben replies. How does Ben know he was robbed?

4 Clues! Something was stolen. No evidence was left behind. Nothing was missing from house. Everything Ben owned was stolen. What kind of house did Ben live in?

5 Solution Ben’s motor home was stolen along with everything in it.

6 Review They found a caterpillar in some bushes. They saw three people riding bikes on the trails. Jose and Dawn played on the swings all day long. Even though it was getting dark, they did not want to leave the park. Which would be a good topic sentence for the paragraph above? A. Swings are not a very safe place to play. B. Riding bikes is the best type of exercise. C. Jose and Dawn had such a good time at the park yesterday. D. Caterpillars are beautiful after they transform into butterflies.

7 Review Harriet went camping with her family. First, they set up the tent so that it was facing the lake. They always liked to face the lake. Mom and Dad cooked dinner on the camp stove. Later on, her little brother got a fire going to roast marshmallows. They had a great time camping. Which is the main idea of the paragraph above? A. Harriet's family had a fun time camping. B. Families should always go camping together. C. Tents should be set up close to the lake. D. You should not eat marshmallows after dinner.

8 Solve the Mystery! Crime Spree Two burglars enter a wealthy neighborhood late one night and take everything they can get their hands on. A police officer is upset with what he sees but doesn’t do anything about it. Why not?

9 Clues! The officer isn’t restrained and is present. There is nothing the officer can do. The burglars aren’t breaking the law. The officer is very jealous of the burglars. A scarecrow, a pirate, and a princess are also envious.

10 Solution It is Halloween. The older kids, dressed as burglars, were getting more candy than the younger boy, who as dressed as a police officer.

11 Review Which word in the sentence is a preposition?
Both men and women voted in the election. Both And In The

12 Review Which word is a possessive pronoun? Their These Which Every

13 Review Which word is the adjective in the sentence?
Sam works in the museum at the wildlife refuge. Sam Works Museum Wildlife

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