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The Most Analytical and Comprehensive Defense Network in a Box.

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1 The Most Analytical and Comprehensive Defense Network in a Box

2 Unmatched Visibility Know who touched what, where and when Real time alerts to potential threats Full packet capture so you can review exactly what happened Be able to tell if an attack was successful and what files were stolen Know if malware was successful at infecting your machine Spot malicious activity early to reduce negative impact to business Visibility into how employees use/abuse your network resources Capture failed login attempts, unauthorized file sharing, etc.

3 Built With Dependable Global Solutions Snort Wireshark Metasploit And Over 300 Other Built In Security Tools

4 HYYA – Integrated Systems An Entire Virtualized Defense Network CastleWalls & InnerWalls - Multiple Firewalls WatchTower – SIEM, IDS and More… WatchGuards – IDS, NSM and More… Assassin – Full Penetration Testing Platform Sensors – Watch Each Subnet For Problems Add-ons - Ability to Add More Customized Systems

5 Defense Network Design

6 HYYA – Capabilities With Virtualization Platform KVM & Container Virtualization Central Management Reliable Backup/Restore High Availability Flexible Networking Flexible Storage And Much More…

7 Virtualizing an Entire Network in a Box…

8 Fully Customizable to Suit All Needs…

9 HYYA – Capabilities With CastleWalls & InnerWalls Multiple Firewalls Web Based GUI Traffic Shaping Load Balancing VPN NAT Network Tools Graphs & Reporting Dynamic DNS Captive Portal Proxy Server And Much More…



12 HYYA – Capabilities With WatchTower SIEM IDS HIDS IPS Traffic Analysis NetFlow Analysis Anomaly Detection Attack Correlation Log Management/Analysis Asset Management & Discovery OS Detection & OS change Analysis

13 HYYA – Capabilities With WatchTower Cont’d. Network Monitoring Vulnerability Assessment Many Unified Security Tools Security Information Visualization Compliance Resources Risk Calculation IP Reputation Monitoring Supports Many Security Plugins In Depth View of All Security Aspects And Much More…

14 Easy to Use Graphical User Interface


16 HYYA – Capabilities With WatchGuards Network Security Monitoring Signature Based Intrusion Detection System Full Context and Forensic Visibility Traffic Monitoring & Analysis Full Packet Capture Analysis Multiple IDS Systems Security Analyst Console Log Management System Easy To Use Web Interfaces Seamlessly Pivot Between Tools Large Collection of Security Tools See What Data Was Stolen Via Logs

17 HYYA – Capabilities With WatchGuards Cont’d. See How the Attacker Breached the Network See Failed Login Attempts Frame by Frame Evidence of Network Attack Network Efficiency Monitoring Logs Every Network Transaction For Evidence Ability to Pull Live Malware Out of the Logs Ability to Pull Stolen Files Out of the Logs See Where Attacks Are Coming From Know What Employees Are Doing On Your Network In Depth View of All Security Aspects And Much More…



20 HYYA – Capabilities With Assassin Easily Audit Networks For Security Issues Vulnerability Assessment Platform Penetrating Testing Platform Network Testing Platform Over 300 Built In IT Security Tools


22 Conclusion HYYA leverages many of the IT security industry’s best kept secrets and most advanced systems to deliver unmatched network visibility and defense. By using HYYA you can leverage auditing tools to spot security issues before they lead to costly data breaches. With HYYA you know who touched what, where and when. HYYA is the most cost effective solution to getting the network visibility you need to defend networks in today’s world.

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