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1 The Top 5 ‘must focus’ areas of your MSP Marketing strategy in 2012.

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1 1 The Top 5 ‘must focus’ areas of your MSP Marketing strategy in 2012

2 2 Presentation outline » Stuart R. Crawford MSP Business Development Consultant » Richard Tubb Consultant » Chris Martin GFI MAX

3 3 Why is marketing crucial? 2012 is the year of the stolen base Your success is directly proportional to how well you out market your competitors Online Traditional Word of mouth Company culture Being technology better = who cares!

4 4 Starting Your 2012 Marketing Plan Getting everyone on the bus Those who love you Prospecting with power Getting plugged into the community Your vendors rock It’s not too late! Five Focus areas

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6 6 Get EVERYONE on the bus Get your team onboard with your focus, values and marketing strategy Everyone must know: What the perfect client looks like? What solutions are core to success? Who are your key strategic partners? Who are the top clients? Company culture ICE fully baked Area One

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8 8 Those who love you Sell to those who have already purchased goods and services from you. Talk to your existing clients everyday: Client Solution Roadmap Corporate newsletters Quarterly business reviews Client focused events Client advisory councils Social media Your Top 10% plan Area Two

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10 10 Prospecting with POWER Prospecting for new clients is important. It is very expensive to acquire new business. But, we have to do it. Economically. How is your pipeline: Business-to-business networking Social gatherings Website Are you found online? How healthy is your word of mouth? Events Area Three

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12 12 Plug into the community All successful organizations are plugged into their local community and the industries they serve. Are you leveraging the community: Service organizations Chamber of Commerce Industry groups Vendor advisory councils Online forums Local business blogs Area Four

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14 14 Your Vendors ROCK! Strong relationships with your vendors are essential to the success of your MSP. Are you making the most of your vendors: Are they included in your planning? Monthly, Quarterly and Annually Do they know about everything you do? Are you aligned? Marketing, technical, sales? Can you leverage MDF? Don’t forget about the local guy. Area Five

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16 16 RECAP Your Team Existing Clients New Clients The Community Vendor Partners Focus on the five areas of your marketing strategy

17 17 Takeaways Email me: now and get: MDF Request Form Weekly Sales Funnel Report Inside Marketing Plan Client Solution Roadmap Contact Stuart Contact Richard Twitter: @tubblog Web:

18 18 My CV Canadian Military Retired 1997 Ran successful MSP in Calgary, Canada 2001 – 2008 Assist in corporate merger two Alberta based MSPs in 2009 Co-founded Ulistic in 2010 Stuart’s CV

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