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Johannes Vermeer. Johannes Vermeer is a famous Dutch artist. He was born in the city of Delft in the 1600s. Little is known about Vermeer. His father.

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1 Johannes Vermeer

2 Johannes Vermeer is a famous Dutch artist. He was born in the city of Delft in the 1600s. Little is known about Vermeer. His father was an art dealer. He did not sign all of his paintings. He painted genre paintings- paintings of everyday life. He died at the age of 43. He painted 36 paintings. This is a part of a Vermeer painting. Historians believe that this is probably a self portrait.

3 The dark green area is The Netherlands. Sometimes people confuse Holland and The Netherlands. Holland is a province or region of The Netherlands. There is North Holland and South Holland.


5 Delftware

6 The Netherlands is known for tulips wooden shoes hagelslag windmills

7 Some interesting facts about The Netherlands……. Dutch people are the tallest in the world, with an average height of six feet for men and five feet, seven inches for women. Orange-colored carrots appeared in the Netherlands in the 16th century. Before that carrots were white, yellow, black, purple or red. Orange carrots are said to have been bred in honor of the House of Orange, who led the Dutch Revolt against Spain and later became the Dutch Royal family. New York City started as a Dutch colony- New Amsterdam

8 Anton von Leeuwenhoek is also from the city of Delft. Historians believe the Leeuwenhoek may have known Vermeer. Leeuwenhoek was a scientist and is known for the improvements he made on the microscope. The Father of Microbiology

9 Let’s look at some of Vermeer’s paintings….

10 The Lady Writing Chasing Vermeer is about a stolen painting, The Lady Writing. Blue Balliet made up this story. This painting has never been stolen…

11 … But this painting was really stolen and to this date has not been recovered. It was stolen from the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston. It is valued at 200 million dollars. The Concert



14 This was thought to be Vermeer’s first painting…. Diana and Her Companions

15 The Woman Seated at the Virginals For years this painting was disputed as a Vermeer. However, through scientific tests, such a chromatography, it is an authentic Vermeer.

16 Look at the hands…..

17 The Lacemaker

18 Cut from the same cloth or canvas….

19 The Disturbing History of The Art of Painting

20 Vermeer wanted to paint a painting that would remain in his studio. He wanted this painting to be his finest, as this would be his only portfolio. He must have been very proud of this painting.

21 Vermeer died at the age of 43. He had 11 children and he died penniless and in debt. Katrina (Mrs. Vermeer) hid The Art of Painting because she did want the creditors to get it. She gave it to her mother for safe keeping. That didn’t work. The creditors found out about it, sold it, and used it to pay off the Vermeer debt.

22 During the time Vermeer was painting, there was a very popular Dutch painter named Peter de Hooch. At the time, De Hooch’s painting could be sold for more money than a Vermeer. After Vermeer died, the popularity of his paintings were almost nonexistent. Around the early 1800’s this painting was sold with a forged De Hooch’s signature! De Hooch

23 In the mid 1800’s a French art dealer had found a few of Vermeer's painting. He thought them to be at the highest level of art. The Frenchman knew The Art of Painting had to be forged. Word got around… and BOOM ! Vermeer’s paintings went way up in price and were sought after.

24 In 1939, WWII was beginning. Germany wanted power by gaining control of neighboring countries. The leader of the Germany was Adolph Hitler.

25 Hitler thought that Germany was the best country. But it could be a supreme country if it had a world class art museum. Hitler started buying art at really cheap prices and subsequently looted art.

26 Hitler bought The Art of Painting and hung it in his home.

27 The war was destructive and people had to evacuate their towns.

28 Museums had to find a safe shelter for the art The Louvre, Paris

29 Germany started losing the war. Hitler did not want his art collection destroyed.

30 Hitler secretly moved his art to a salt mine in Austria.

31 Germany lost the war. The USA and Russia knew that Hitler had hidden valuable art. Who was going to find it first?

32 Americans found the salt mine…. And returned art to rightful owners.

33 Inside the salt mine Future president, General Eisenhower

34 Hitler hid his paintings in places in addition to the salt mine. Art found in a small museum in France.

35 Russia also found Hitler’s stashes and looted German museums. Russia was severely attacked by Hitler’s army. Many lives were lost and towns destroyed. Russia did not return the paintings back to the rightful owners. They kept the paintings as compensation and hung them in their own museums.

36 Portrait of a Young Man by Raphael This painting was stolen by Hitler. To this day, it has never been found. If you find this painting, will you please give it back to the rightful owners? It is worth millions.

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