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OnStar General Background. Having a cake and eating it too… Our modern era has brought a dramatic shift in the balance between convenience, security,

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1 OnStar General Background

2 Having a cake and eating it too… Our modern era has brought a dramatic shift in the balance between convenience, security, and privacy. Security is a major concern when dealing with valuable possessions, whether concrete or abstract. Conveniences often become necessities once their advantages are internalized by society.

3 O, Big Brother where art thou? Big Brother is a shadowy figure from George Orwell’s novel “nineteen eighty-four”. Synonymous with abuse of power, particularly violations of privacy rights. Typically applied to government authorities, this is extensible to any group inappropriately utilising mass surveillance.

4 OnStar? OnStar is a multifunctional service available to vehicles with the necessary hardware. Although integrated into some vehicles, a rear-view mirror with OnStar abilities was released in 2011. Provisions include “… Automatic Crash Response, Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Turn-by- Turn Navigation, and Roadside Assistance.”

5 So, how did we get here? Formed in 1995 in cooperative venture between General Motors, Electronic Data Systems, and Hughes Electronics Corporation Initially a feature of luxury vehicles: Cadillac DeVille, Seville, and El Dorado in 1996 on 1997 year-models. From 2002 to 2005, other brands, like Subaru, featured OnStar via a licensing deal.

6 How is OnStar faring? Ford’s SYNC, Orion VIS, WatchDog, State Farm’s In-Drive, A Toyota Mystery System..? As of mid-2011, OnStar had more than six million customers. Subscriptions cost from 18.95/month to 729.00/3 years.

7 What about that competition? SYNC is an in-vehicle communications and entertainment system with several assistance features (automatic 911 calls, Vehicle Health Reports, etc.) In-Drive has the Stolen Vehicle Assistance, as well as Hands-Free mobile and vehicle/driving reports

8 What about the others? WatchDog is a general application, but particularly tailored to fleet-management, with systems like the Electronic Fence. Orion claims to have all OnStar’s features, but in a portable system with user- controlled reporting and a user-controlled sensors (deactivable), and fleet management.

9 So, this is a big thing? A series of commercials aired based on the 1989 Batman movie, touting OnStar as an all-important feature of the batmobile… Done in a mini-serial style, these were memorable and effective, driving home key points of OnStar’s product concept. Riddle Me This

10 Now where’d you get that? save/inDrive.asp

11 What are the issues? Having introduced our topic and its “sphere of existence”, it is now necessary to delve into the details. This means looking at how OnStar and its policies affect its customers. The our assessment of how OnStar strikes this delicate balance is presented by Mr. Clark…

12 OnStar Pros and Cons

13 Onstar can be a great asset Safety Convenience Direction Security

14 Being safe is a good thing Automatic Crash Response In the event of an accident, even if the airbags do not deploy, Onstar receives the vehicle's exact location and sends emergency responders.

15 Being safe continued Crisis assist Provides people with evacuation routes to get them out of harm's way and provide them with fuel location assistance. Connects people with their loved ones, family, and friends. Provides centralized assistance if people need food, water, medical help, or a hospital. Helps find accommodations and shelter.

16 Onstar makes things easy No need for a backup key If you happen to lock your key in your car, you can call Onstar and they will unlock your car for you remotely.

17 OnStar, there's an app for that... Power OnStar from mobile devices with RemoteLink Remote Unlock Remote Start Sound your horn Flash your lights Monitor fuel and oil Check tire pressure Send navigation data

18 Don't get lost OnStar makes it easy to use turn by turn directions. 1.Send Google Maps information from your computer to your vehicle 2.Send MapQuest information from your computer to your vehicle 3.Tell an OnStar Advisor where you want to go

19 Car thieves beware... Remote Ignition Block - When an OnStar subscriber reports a vehicle stolen and authorities confirm, Remote Ignition Block uses GPS to ping the car and prevent it from starting. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown - When a car is reported stolen by an OnStar subscriber, and when the police catch up to the thief, OnStar uses GPS to pinpoint the vehicle, turns on the four way flashers, and decreases the acceleration.

20 But what's the catch? Cost Security risks Lack of privacy

21 How much is it? 1 Plus tax. Credit card payment required for monthly subscriptions. 2 Plus tax. All savings calculated based on standard published monthly rates. Pricing data from Safe & SoundDirections & Connections $18.95 per month 1 $28.90 per month 1 $199.00 per year 2 $299.00 per year 2 $359.00/ 2 years 2 $549.00/ 2 years 2 $499.00/ 3 years 2 $729.00/ 3 years 2

22 Too risky? Researchers from the University of Washington and the University of California, San Diego were able to gain access to the vehicle's critical areas through the vehicle's long range communication channels. link to full research: usenixsec2011.pdf usenixsec2011.pdf

23 Results from experiments

24 Where is all this coming from? disadvantages-of-using-onstar _How_may_we_invade_you%3F using-onstar-462808.html turn-by-turn-navigation-tips-and-commands/ announces-remote-ignition-block-for-stolen-vehicles/

25 Privacy? What privacy? One of the biggest concerns of OnStar is privacy....which brings us to our next section with Ruiwei Bu!

26 OnStar Privacy Issues and Cases

27 Timeline 1995: OnStar Corporation 1996: OnStar Product 2003: Court To FBI: No Spying 2006: Analog Service Terminated 2009: OnStar China( 吉安星 ) 2011: EULA and Privacy Issues 2012: OnStar Family Link

28 FBI and Government The system can be remotely activated, is an open phone line, and there could be no sign, so passengers may not be aware. Privacy Policy: "OnStar may disclose personal information if required to do so...“ 2003: Court informed FBI: No spying on in car computers.

29 Analog Came a Spider In 2006, notified 500,000 customers who had analog service that their service would be terminated at the end of 2007… Customers have to pay to upgrade. Lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

30 Privacy Issues In 2011, a new version of Terms and Conditions states that "OnStar may maintain a two-way communication after the customer have cancelled the service..." Collects personal information, GPS Data.... Senator Chuck Schumer's Criticism

31 Privacy Statements Will continue to focus on the ways it can use its vehicle connection to help drivers, such as for alerting customers about tornado warnings..." OnStar may share your email address, contact information, subscription status with car makers, parent companies, including but not limited to...

32 Privacy Statements “(17)... Aggregate information may be shared with or sold to third parties for any purpose.” OnStar amy share your email address, contact information, subscription status with car makers, parent companies, include but not limited to...

33 Privacy Statements (Cont) “We may also randomly monitor your interactions with OnStar's automated service... (Call Recording) OnStar will not release any audio or physical records unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations or requested by proper government agencies.”

34 OnStar Family Link Monitor positions of family cars It's depending on the subscribers to tell other family members

35 OnStar - Big Brother? OnStar is essentially an in-car phone line service, and can be activated remotely… So it's like a microphone that can monitor you and your car… Might nefarious hackers (and government agencies) exploit this?

36 References uns/#continued drive-your-car/ onstar-litigation-dismisses-some-claims-retains-others/

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