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 Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped in June of 1991 at 11 years old of age.  Her only reliable protective figure was God. Her threshold guardians were.

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2  Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped in June of 1991 at 11 years old of age.  Her only reliable protective figure was God. Her threshold guardians were Phillip and Nancy Garrido, which were her kidnappers.  She is put into seclusion in a tent in the backyard of the Garrido’s home.  She is stripped of all her clothing and handcuffed to a bed. * Before being placed in a tent she was forced to get in the shower with Phillip Garrido and he shaved her genital hairs and made her touch his genital area.

3  Jaycee went days without eating during her first week of captivity and she was kept naked.  During the her first week she was raped by Phillip.  Over the months she was repeatedly raped almost daily.  Phillip would come to her tent and spend days at a time raping her. He would heavily be under the influence of crystal meth. These days he spent in the tent raping her were called “runs”.  He would make her fulfill all of his sexual fantasies.  The handcuffs are eventually taken off of her as a “reward” to her being good and obeying Phillip.  Over the years she was repeatedly raped and never went outside.  In 1994 at the age of thirteen she gave birth to her first daughter, which she called A, short for Angel.  She gave birth in the tent without no medication or medical professional.  Phillip wanted the baby to know his wife Nancy as the mother and Jaycee as Alissa her sister.  Over the next few years she takes care of baby A as her own, during that time Phillip wants her and Nancy to be close and Jaycee does too, but she feels that Nancy doesn’t liker her.  Phillip gives Jaycee long lectures about the bible and how is the “chosen one”.  Phillip also makes Jaycee listen to the “voices” that he hears.  Jaycee gets many pets over the years, such as cats and birds, but she never gets to keep them.  The sexual abuse continues and 1997 Jaycee has a second child Starlite (also known as Baby S).  The sexual abuse slowly stops after Phillip sobs and apologizes to Jaycee after every time he rapes her. He tells her that he will no longer hurt her because he is “cured” of his sexual addiction.  Jaycee went outside for the first time when Phillip and Nancy took her and the girls to an amusement park. Phillip eventually builds a large fence to cover the backyard so that the girls aren’t seen when they go outside for sun. He suggests that they have barbeques as a “family”.  Jaycee begins to homeschool the girls with her knowledge of TV and off of the Internet. Jaycee only had a 5 th grade education. This is one example of how she is a hero. She wouldn’t let her evil mentors take away her children’s right to education as they did her.  Phillip starts a printing company and Jaycee helps with designs.  Phillip has regular parole visits and no one ever notices that Jaycee has been living in the backyard for years. A neighbor even once called the police reporting this.  Jaycee has been keeping a diary since her captivity. She is not allowed to sign or say her name. In the diaries she expresses how she wants to do normal things that she never experienced during her teenage years. She expresses how she gains weight from the kids and she wishes to loose weight. She also mentions something about soul mates, and will she ever find one.

4  Jaycee expresses her boredum over the years and how she is lonely.  She says how she misses her mother so much and how she wants to see her baby sister Shana.  Jaycee also takes care of Phillip’s mother who is dying. Her and Nancy take turns.  Jaycee no longer knows if she should run away because of her girls. She just thinks she has to cope with it.

5  Phillip takes Nancy, Jaycee and the girls with him to the police station. He is taking them a paper to give to other sexual offenders because he believes it will “help” them.  The lady police officer notices something isn’t right. She asks Jaycee who is she and she says a cousin. The lady police officer notices she is lying and takes her back in a room. She then asks Jaycee what is her real name and Jaycee says that she cannot say her name. She writes, “ JAYCEE LEE DUGARD” on a sheet of paper. The police immediately take Phillip and Nancy into custody. Jaycee calls her mom Terry Probyn and her mom is stunned.  Jaycee and her daughter are put into protective custody.  Jaycee is reunited with her mom and her family.  She goes through intensive therapy with her Mom, daughters, and sister.  She learns how to drive and puts her daughters in school.  She contacts her old friends, whom she talked about in her diary during her years of captivity.  She eventually writes a book about her experience during her 18 years of captivity called, “A Stolen Life”. She gives interviews and talks to magazines.  She is 29 years old when she is finally returned to her mother.

6 Jaycee’s Tent she lived in for 18 years, this symbolizes everything she went through, all of her events in her book happen in this very tent

7  “ Phillip Garrido believes no one should find out what he did to an eleven-year-old girl…me.”- This shows that even though she was a victim for 18 years and bore two children by this man, she has no remorse for what he has done to her. (Dugard- pg.1)  “ I want to resist, but the man pushes me into the shower.”- This shows she does want to get away and say no to everything, but she is scared of what Phillip might do to her, this goes into why she never tried to runaway.(Dugard pg.45)  “Does she miss me as much as I miss her?”- Jaycee never gave up hope on seeing her mom again. She never forgot about her mom. She always wondered if her mom forgot about her or would she remember her. (Dugard pg. 160)

8  specials/SH559036/VD55134743/jaycee- dugard-her-first-interview-p1

9 Jaycee and her mom Terry Probyn

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