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3 ABOUT NLETS  501(c)(3) nonprofit  Owned and governed by the states  Operated by a professional staff of 23  Operational site located in Phoenix, AZ  Disaster recovery site located in Idaho 3

4 SECURE  Private T1 network  VPN – triple DES encryption  Firewall at every connection  Disaster recovery  Guaranteed message delivery  24 x 7 365 operation center  99.99% uptime 4

5 SYSTEM AND NETWORK  MPLS -Multi Protocol Label Switching- meshed connectivity and additional bandwidth  3G Wireless (WAN backup)-secure VPN encrypted recovery – latest CDMA and GSM/UMTS standards  December Stats:  100% System Uptime  66,556,086 Messages Processed  Top 5 Message Keys In Order – RQ, DQ, CR, IQ and AM  Top 5 Users (In Order by Volume) – CBP, TX, CA, FL, and IL  Average Round Trip Message Response Time – 1.75 seconds  NJIN System Average CPU Utilization – 4%  MQ System Average CPU Utilization – 1%  NJIN Disk Utilization – 4.2%  MQ System Disk Utilization – 5.0%  RAND Storage Available from 2/1/2008 to Present  Overall Average Network Uptime – 99.99%  Average User Line Utilization – 2.46%  Average Host Line Utilization – 13.73% 5

6 INFORMATION EXCHANGE  Driver and vehicle registration  Criminal history records  Wanted persons  Stolen vehicles  Stolen articles  Stolen guns  Stolen securities  Stolen boats  Criminal histories  Electronic “HIT” confirmation  Canadian HOT files  Homeland Alert messages  LEO Flying Armed  INS databases at LESC  Amber Alerts  Admin messages  Severe weather warnings  Aircraft registrations  GSA Federal plates….  And hundreds more! 6 Legacy services for……and Access to

7 EXCHANGE ( CONTINUED ) Interpol Message Keys PQ Initial wanted person FPQ Full wanted person ITQ Initial travel document FTQ Full stolen travel document IVQ Initial stolen vehicle FVQ Full stolen vehicle  Nlets worked with Interpol to provide states direct access to Interpol databases  Vehicle  Wanted person  Travel document  Six message keys were created to support this service. 7

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14 PARTNERS  ACS State & Local Solutions  American Law Enforcement Network  American Traffic Solutions  Appriss  ATSC (Advanced Technology Systems Corporation)  CMA Consulting  CPI Openfox  Datamax Professional Services  InsureNet  Lasercraft  LoJack  Nestor Traffic Systems  Nixle  National Weather Wire Service  Redflex Traffic Systems  Redspeed  Traffipax  VisionAIR  Voyager Systems  Western Identification Network 14

15  ACS State & Local Solutions  American Traffic Solutions  CMA Consulting  Lasercraft  Nestor Traffic Systems  ONGO Live  Issues moving violations to motorists that fail to stop for school buses  Redflex Traffic Systems  RedSpeed  Traffipax  Uses Nlets to access driver license information. Data is used by law enforcement agencies for traffic enforcement.  Red light companies 15 STRATEGIC PARTNERACTIVITY WITH NLETS

16  LoJack  OnStar  Intrado  Provides vehicle recovery services for law enforcement. Uses Nlets to notify agency. 16 STRATEGIC PARTNERACTIVITY WITH NLETS

17  CPI Openfox  VisionAIR  Appriss  Provides a secure path for connectivity between CPI and state message switching equipment at many states, for proactive monitoring and maintenance.  Provides records managements systems (RMS) to small law enforcement jurisdictions via “software as a service” (SaaS). Nlets hosts the servers required to provide this service. Users gain access via a secure Internet VPN.  Uses Nlets to provide victim notification services to Nlets member agencies. 17 STRATEGIC PARTNERACTIVITY WITH NLETS

18  ATSC/ Voyager  Datamaxx Professional Services  Uses Nlets’ networking capabilities to provide law enforcement officers wireless access to NCIC, Nlets, and State data in order to provide support and consulting to law enforcement, criminal justice, and government organizations. 18 STRATEGIC PARTNERACTIVITY WITH NLETS

19  American Law Enforcement Network (ALEN)  Insurenet  Nixle Uses Nlets’ excess bandwidth to provide LE officers wireless access to NCIC, Nlets, and State NCIC data. Roadside verification of insurance info. over Nlets Broadcasts notification messages from law enforcement and public safety officials to citizens in a targeted geographic area via network connectivity facilitated by Nlets and the Nixle equipment hosted at Nlets. 19 STRATEGIC PARTNERACTIVITY WITH NLETS

20 Two NEW Regional-Associate Members  State Regional & Federal Enterprise Retrieval System (SRFERS)  Capital Wireless Information Net (CapWIN) 20

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22 LOGIC Nlets received a GIS grant from the National Institute of Justice to test the feasibility of providing geospatial information capabilities to law enforcement and public safety. LIVE Operational Geospatial Information Capability 22


24 LOGIC SUMMARY 24 The LOGIC project will create the Nlets infrastructure to deliver GIS capabilities using XML and government approved standards for the exchange of geospatial information.

25 LOGIC SUMMARY ( CONTINUED )  Potential GIS capabilities include:  Location-based alert notification, including electronic image transfer APBs AMBER Alerts BOLOs Homeland Security Alert notices Weather alerts 25

26 LOGIC SUMMARY ( CONTINUED ) 26  GIS tool capability for use in mobile and handheld computers  Geo-coding capability enabling law enforcement access and use of external data sets  Large-structure 3-D geo-coding and tools for capturing, marking and identifying details and key data

27 LOGIC OBJECTIVES ( CONTINUED ) 27  Specific outcomes will include:  GIS tool compatibility for use in mobile and handheld operating environments  Multiple source and multiple format spatial data visualization from local, state and federal RMS databases and GIS platforms

28 LOGIC BENEFITS 28  Provide rich location-based information services.  Incorporate geospatial capabilities into technical specifications to be conveyed to member states for broad adoption  Developed/tested standards-based image exchange capabilities supporting authorized notifications and alerts.  Improve collaboration, informed decision making and effective cross-boundary incident response.

29 LOGIC INTERFACE 29 The LOGIC portal enables greater specificity in alerts and messaging by allowing the user to visually “lasso” ORIs on the map and filter by type to ensure the message is only delivered to relevant entities. The LOGIC portal enables greater specificity in alerts and messaging by allowing the user to visually “lasso” ORIs on the map and filter by type to ensure the message is only delivered to relevant entities.

30 LOGIC INTERFACE ( CONTINUED ) 30 The portal builds a list of recipients that can be modified dynamically using the layer control on the right. The portal builds a list of recipients that can be modified dynamically using the layer control on the right.

31 LOGIC INTERFACE 31 The portal can be extended to incorporate live feeds, such as GeoRSS, KML and WMS feeds. Above, a live traffic camera feed is displayed. The portal can be extended to incorporate live feeds, such as GeoRSS, KML and WMS feeds. Above, a live traffic camera feed is displayed.

32 CHIEF Nlets received a grant from the Bureau of Justice Statistics to standardize the exchange of Rap Sheets among states using eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Criminal History Information Exchange Format 32

33 CHIEF STATES 33 Texas Florida Tennessee Maine Iowa Wisconsin Oregon Massachusetts New York Pennsylvania Kentucky North Carolina

34 CHIEF SUMMARY 1. Migrated the Interstate Criminal History Transmission Specification Version 3.01 (Rap Sheet) to a Version 4.0 conformant with the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) 34

35 CHIEF SUMMARY 2. Developed and installed XML transformation services on the Nlets network 3. Created an environment to support statistical analysis of criminal record check transactions 35

36 CHIEF ACHIEVEMENTS 36  Migrated the JTF Rap Sheet XML specification (3.01) to a NIEM 2.0 conformant JTF 4.0 specification  Upgraded the Nlets XMR to provide NIEM functionality  Created implementation plans for each participating state

37 CHIEF ACHIEVEMENTS ( CONTINUED ) 37  Deployed to the participating states the capability to send and receive XML Rap Sheets  Supported BJS statistical analysis on Rap Sheet exchange in the pilot states and began to develop the capability to support recidivism studies derived from Rap Sheet data  Supported the JTF effort to develop a 4.1 Rap Sheet Specification to include additional requirements identified by the states

38 NISP Nlets received a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security to demonstrate the viability of exchanging interstate driver license (DL) photos. Partners with SRFERS and AAMVA. Nlets Interstate Sharing of Photos 38

39 NISP PILOT STATES North Carolina South Carolina Virginia Oregon (SRFERS) 39

40 NISP/SRFERS PARTICIPATING STATES  Alabama  Idaho  Massachusetts  Minnesota  New Mexico  North Carolina  Ohio  Oregon  Tennessee  Virginia  Arizona  Arkansas  Delaware  Georgia  Indiana  Mississippi  Montana  New Jersey  South Carolina  Vermont  Wyoming 40 PHASE IPHASE II & III

41 NISP: 10 States in Production! 41  North Carolina  Oregon  Tennessee  Minnesota  Idaho  New Mexico  Ohio  Massachusetts  Alabama  Virginia

42 NISP: 11 States in Process! 42  Delaware  Georgia  Mississippi  Arkansas  Wyoming  Indiana  Vermont  South Carolina  Arizona  Montana  New Jersey

43 NISP: More Images Coming… 43  Expand functionality to include sharing correctional inmate/offender and possibly other images  Testing it in North Carolina and Oregon

44 44

45 HOSTING 45 WHOWHATHOW Entities whose equipment is used to benefit the greater good of the justice and public safety community. Economic Versatility Technical Reliability Security Technical Assistance Membership subject to approval from a committee of Nlets- associated, law enforcement personnel.

46 HOSTING ( CONTINUED ) 46  Pricing guidelines based upon five (5) variables*: 1. Units of computer rack space required 2. Number of servers to be hosted 3. Monthly MB usage of either frame or Internet bandwidth 4. Customer supplying firewall or need to utilize Nlets’ firewall 5. Customer supplying phone circuits or need for Nlets to provide  Monthly Fee  Dependent upon variables  Initial Set-up  Dependent upon variables *Membership may be negotiated based on user and/or services


48 Nlets Assistance Fund (NAF) Primary goal is to support the continued development of services and technologies that directly benefit the Nlets mission and vision.  Limited in scope  Defined award criteria  Awarded only for training and/or travel  Small number of awards 48

49 SUPPORT 49  Certified Nlets Educator (CNE) Program  Provides Nlets System Agencies (NSA) with a resource to assist in the development and implementation of a statewide education program to increase awareness and use of the various Nlets message keys.  Establishes the minimum level of training and education necessary to design and conduct Nlets based training.  Instructor Development Course (IDC)  16-hour program for the staff of any NSA that has not had the opportunity and/or means to obtain such training.  System Awareness  Year-long focus on under-utilized message keys.

50 Art ValdezNetwork Operations Coordinator623-308-3515 Bill PhillipsSecurity Specialist623-308-3509 Bob MorrisEducation Specialist623-308-3512 Brent WieseSystems Architect623-308-3528 Carol WalkerAccountant/Contract Compliance623-308-3513 Chelsea KeeferDocument Specialist623-308-3526 Cris GarciaExecutive Assistant623-308-3510 Frank MiniceChief Information Officer623-308-3503 John DinbokowitzWAN Administrator623-308-3508 John LawsonNOC Supervisor623-308-3516 Kate SilholSenior Systems Engineer623-308-3511 Kurt AnzelmoNetwork Operations (NOC) Manager623-308-3529 Kyle DarnellSenior Network Analyst623-308-3520 Laura CarterBusiness Manager623-308-3505 Russ BrodieSenior Project Manager623-308-3506 Sandie RoseDirector of Finance and Administration623-308-3514 Steve CorrellExecutive Director623-308-3502 Nlets STAFF

51 QUESTIONS? 51 Bonnie Locke Director, Program Management 623-308-3504


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