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Your ID, My ID AGA/ACFE Fraud and Technology Seminar October 17, 2007.

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1 Your ID, My ID AGA/ACFE Fraud and Technology Seminar October 17, 2007

2 What Crooks Look For: People Places Things Events

3 People  Many Different Search Capabilities  Free or Fee-For-Service  Addresses & Phone Numbers  Other Relations  A LOT of information is already tracked  A LOT of people know WHO YOU ARE

4 People  Yahoo People Search, White Pages, 411  ZabaSearch  Intelius  Veromi  Reverse Look-ups  Phone Numbers  Addresses  Check Point, Lexis-Nexis

5 Places  Maps & Directions  2D, 3D, & Arial  Place Names or Locations  Physical Addresses and Areas

6 Things  Topical Searches  Boolean Logic  Refine and Narrow Results  Acronyms and Aliases/AKAs  Common Misspellings

7 Events  Who, What, When, Where, How  Known Particulars & Facts  Possible/Plausible Circumstances  Boolean Logic  Welcome to the “Else’s”  Who Else, What Else, When Else, etc.

8 Boolean Logic  Mathematical in Nature  Use of “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT”  Also includes exact counterparts  “But Not” is synonymous with “And Not” Elements and Sets Use of Quotation Marks Use of Character Strings

9 SSN Death Index  SSDI Database  Fairly Robust Search Capabilities

10 Examples of Searches  Let’s Find Ross McDonald  Name? Address? Telephone Numbers? Other Info?  Which is the “right” Ross?  What Other Info is Available about Ross?

11 What If Your ID is Stolen? 1 st Four Steps to Consider: 1.Place a Fraud Alert on your Credit Report oReview your Credit Reports  Once Fraud Alert Placed, You can get a copy of your credit report from each company  Ask Credit Reporting companies to only list your last 4 digits of your SSN on their reports

12 2. Close Accounts that have been tampered with or fraudulently opened oCall the security or fraud department of each company which has the account oSend info via certified/return receipt mail oNever send originals, only copies oFile a dispute on any charges in question What If Your ID is Stolen?

13 3. File a complaint with the FTC oUse online form or call 1-877-ID THEFT oSharing info with FTC allows sharing across all states oProvide copy of FTC complaint to police to include in their police report oConstitutes an ID Theft Report oCan be used to permanently block info from being filed on your credit report, ensures debts do not reappear on your credit report, prevents a company from attempting to collect on debts resulting from ID theft, and places an external fraud alert on your credit report. What If Your ID is Stolen?

14 4. File a Report with your Local Police oCheck also with AG Office oBring FTC complaint, letters, and other supporting documentation oAsk that FTC complaint be incorporated in their report oAsk for copy of Local Police ID Theft Report oUse to dispute other instances, as they arise What If Your ID is Stolen?

15 What is a Fraud Alert Good For? Initial Fraud Alert is good for 90 days on Credit Reports oKeeps thief from opening new accounts Extended Fraud Alert is good for 7 years oPotential creditors MUST contact you directly oConsumer reporting agencies MUST remove your name from marketing lists for pre-screened offers for 5 years, unless you ask them to put you back on their lists

16 Search Engines  Google  Yahoo  Dogpile  AltaVista  WebCrawler  MetaCrawler  Lycos  Ask  MSN

17 People Look-Ups/Search/Finder  Yahoo People  AnyWho (AT&T)  People Lookup  InfoSpace  WhitePages  AOL People Lookup   

18 Reverse Look-Ups/Search/Finder  People Lookup lookup.html lookup.html  MSN

19 Pay Sites  US Search  CheckPoint Systems  Lexis-Nexis 

20 Other Information  Maps  News SourcesMany, many, many  Business Look-upDunn & Bradstreet, Manta, etc.  Internet SitesWhois  Old SSNs/Death Indexhttp://ssdi.rootsweb.com

21 How Your ID Can Be Stolen  Readily Available Public Records  Purchased Records and Other Info  Credit Reports  Credit Offers – Email, Phone, Mail  Other Phone/Email/Mail Phishing Scams  Information from others, such as family

22  Interception of Records (electronic or hardcopy)  Legitimate Purchase of Records & Info  Stolen from a 3 rd Party  Malware, Cookies, & Key Loggers  Compromised Websites  ISP Intrusions  Many Other Ways How Your ID Can Be Stolen

23 Any Questions?

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