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Nick Waters Doing more with Mobile BI. Gartner – Top Predictions for BI & Analytics (Feb 23 rd 2013) By 2015, over 50% of mobile BI users will rely exclusively.

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1 Nick Waters Doing more with Mobile BI

2 Gartner – Top Predictions for BI & Analytics (Feb 23 rd 2013) By 2015, over 50% of mobile BI users will rely exclusively on mobile devices for insight delivery, and will grow BI users by 20%. Mobile BI is gradually replacing spread sheets, presentations and email as a source for business insight Shift away from “nice to have” information to relevant KPIs BI Scorecard (2012 Successful BI Survey) When asked what BI functionality & improvements they would be looking to adopt and embrace for 2013 … 47% listed Mobile BI Forrester Research 25% enterprises already using mobile BI apps 37% planning mobile BI implementations in the short-term Why should I care about this ?

3 “Mobility is not longer a ‘nice to have’ – it will become the new BI mantra… Information workers can no longer wait to make decisions until they get back to office – that may be too late.” Business Decisions are made… On the road, In warehouses, On the shop floor, In client meetings, In airport lounges / coffee shops …not just in the office or the boardroom. Mobile BI puts data on the road

4 I need access to critical BI information on my mobile device. I need my information to be secure!… What if my device is stolen ?. I need access to information when I’m connected and disconnected. We’re all using different devices (PC, Android, Apple etc) in this meeting? How can I ensure we are all using the same report ? I only want to author a report once for all types of devices My execs are demanding highly visual, interactive reports on their mobile My sales reps need to access reports on the spot. Mobile shifts affecting Business & IT

5 What most mobile BI users want Bear in mind screen sizes, device navigation, soft keyboards, what information should be delivered and how will users interact with it… Need to have..Nice to have… Basic real-time views and drill down analysis Mapping AlertingWhat-if analysis KPI MonitoringDetail Analysis Minimal clickingMinimal editing Save viewsExports Comment & Email

6 Mobile BI Overview Deliver information anytime, anywhere, any device – Proactive alerting, triggered distribution – Push role specific predefined scheduled reports Dominant mobile users – Executives – Need access to high level information on the move – Middle Managers / Line Managers – timely access to analytics – Sales People – Field Service personnel Industry forces – Device Maturity – User expectations – Constant connectivity Empower multi-device and constantly on the move decision makers

7 Why is Mobile BI different to traditional BI ? Timely access to information Interactive, highly visual Mobile friendly Easy to use Location aware Report Authoring - Screen real-estate Disconnected Security – Mobile devices get lost & stolen – Securing data on devices – Offline data, data expiration

8 Introducing… IBM Cognos Mobile Choose your mobile device… Leverages your existing Cognos security Location aware intelligence Bursting & Scheduling Search & Browse report content Create favourite & welcome page links Ability to set device security – PIN Access password, expiry of data

9 Introducing … Cognos Active Reports Browse and explore your data offline Cognos Report Authors can build targeted reports & dashboards Keep the user experience simple & engaging Mobile workers can take their data with them Go anywhere…do anything Run on mobile devices, tablets, notebooks Burst, Schedule, Email content Secure content by access codes and expiry dates Ability to annotate reports Popup notifications – when new reports arrive








17 Cognos Active Reports – Top 10 Pros and Cons Disconnected / Offline analysis Live browse of report content New interactive animations & gestures Design around your tablet dimensions New apple-style push notifications Annotate & Email content Burst & Schedule report content PIN Security on sensitive data Auto expire data after certain time Focus on simplicity and content Watch out for Chart overload Watch out for file sizes No Multi Select Prompts are handled differently No tree control support Limited conversion of existing reports Limited Mobile Support Adopt proper object naming conventions Limited Drill Through Support No native Print & Export to Excel/PDF Loads of cool techniques with working examples via the free to download Active Report Cookbook:

18 Charts – An Active Report does not contain a charting engine. In order to include charts in an Active Report, the report is first parsed by the query engine, and every possible permutation of the charts are then produced as images. These images are then stored in the resulting file. The net result is that the file size can grow very large quite quickly. Consider that each chart will be something like 20kb – 50kb in size, it will take relatively few charts to exceed the “best practice” size limit of 10MB for an Active Report. Distribution / File Sizes– An Active Report will typically be around 5MB-10MB in size. No Multi Select No prompt support – Active Reports do not recognise the concept of “Prompts”. All report control is achieved by the use of the new Active Report toolset, which interact with data controls (decks, crosstabs, lists). No tree control support – although there are some techniques available to implement a tree- type control. Limited conversion of existing reports – Any existing report items that are not supported by an Active Report are dropped from the target report, so there WILL be an amount of rework required. Limited Mobile Support – iPAD only… no Windows 8… Complexity / Naming Policy – Active Reports are built using simple building blocks; Controls and Data Containers which are linked together via Active Report Variables. While the building of the report is simple, it is very easy to get into a muddle if a clear naming policy is not rigidly followed from the beginning. This will ensure that identification of source and target controls is simplified when adding new components or links. Limited Drill Through Support Print & Export to Excel/PDF not available Cognos Active Reports – Top 10 Pros and Cons

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