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被動式 Passive Voice by Afi Chen

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1 被動式 Passive Voice by Afi Chen
文法加油站 Grammar Focus 被動式 Passive Voice by Afi Chen

2 主動語態和被動語態 主動語態 S V O My mom made a cake yesterday. 被動語態 S + be +V-p.p. +by + O The cake was made by my mom yesterday.

3 The house was bought by my father last year.
My father bought the house last year. buy -> bought - bought The house was bought by my father last year.

4 Exercise 1 試把下列主動句子改成被動語態
1. I ate the apple. =>______________________________ 2. Mr. Lin bought this house. =>_______________________________ 3.People in Taiwan grow rice. 4. Susan held a party last Friday night. =>________________________________ The apple was eaten by me. This house was bought by Mr. Lin. Rice is grown in Taiwan. A party was held by Susan last Friday night.

5 Exercise 2 試把下列被動句子改成主動語態
John was killed. =>______________________________ Rice is grown in Asia. 3. English is spoken all over the world. 4.The window was broken. Someone killed John. People grow rice in Asia. People speak English all over the world. Someone broke the window.

6 什麼時候用被動語態? 行為者不重要時 It is said that John is a gay. (It is said..據說…. =People said that…..) 不知道行為者時;不曉得是誰做的事 The window was broken. (窗戶破了,不知道是誰打破的) Some people broke the window. We don’t know who broke the window. 若我們知道是John打破窗戶的話,句子會是 The window was broken by John. John broke the window.

7 什麼時候by + O可以省略? 主詞泛指一般群眾 Rice is eaten in Taiwan. = Rice is eaten ( by people ) in Taiwan. = Taiwan people eat rice. 不知行為者是誰時 My cell phone was stolen. = My cell phone was stolen (by someone). = Someone stole my cell phone.

8 被動之鑰-動詞的過去分詞V-pp 熟記動詞三態
規則變化1 規則變化2 不變化 不規則 walk ->walked Come -> came ->come hit ->hit ->hit be was/were been grow grew grown steal stole stolen buy ->bought Become ->became ->become put->put->put Do Did Done give gave given speak spoke spoken Make Made made hurt -> hurt ->hurt go went gone see saw seen eat ate eaten Feel Felt felt Cut cut Blow Blew blown Break Broke broken

9 有些句子就是比較適合用被動語態 1. Read the following paragraph.
2. Underline the new vocabulary and guess their meanings. 3. All of the sentences are in active voice. Five of the sentences would be better in passive voice. Choose the five sentences and rewrite them in the passive voice on your paper. Think about the focus and the importance of the subjects when making your choice.

10 Mustard 1. Mustard is a popular food that is three thousand years old. 2. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese used it. 3. Today, many cultures can't do without it. 4. The French insist on having it with beef. 5. Americans won’t eat their hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches unless there is mustard. 6. Mustard, however, is famous not only as a food. 7. For thousands of years people considered mustard as medicine. 8. The heat from mustard helped warm the body. 9. Using mustard as medicine is not so popular today. 10. The mustard plant is a pretty plant with bright yellow flowers. 11. Anyone can easily grow it almost everywhere. 12. How does this pretty plant become a popular condiment? 13. Workers remove the seeds from the plant. 14. Then, people grind the seeds and mix them with salt, spices, and vinegar. 15. Mustard gets its bright yellow color from the spices.

11 Key words mustard  ancient Egyptians culture insist on unless condiment vinegar spice remove

12 It was used by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese.
Number The rewritten sentence It was used by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. For thousands of years mustard was considered as medicine. 12. It can be easily grown almost everywhere. The seeds are removed from the plant. Then, the seeds are ground and mixed with salt, spices, and vinegar. Underline the answers

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