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2 Keyed Alike A group of padlocks/cylinders are all operated by one key. This key profile can be allocated a code and future key and padlock/cylinder orders can be placed against this code.

3 Master Key Installations A group of cylinders or padlocks are each equipped with an individual key and are also operated by one special key known as a Master Key (MK).

4 Grand Master Key Installations A Grand Master Key is used when it is necessary to have more than one Master Key group in the same building complex. In these instances all cylinders, irrespective of their Master Key group, are controlled by one key known as the Grand Master Key (GMK).

5 Construction Master Key (CISA only) The Construction Master Key is designed to enable the contractors to operate all cylinders belonging to the system with a temporary Master Key known as a Construction Master Key. This maintains the integrity and security of the original keys delivered directly to the owners as the Construction Master Key will be deactivated when the owner’s keys are used.

6 Lockout Master Key System (CISA only) When a master key is lost or stolen, the Lockout Master Key enables the owner to operate all cylinders belonging to a system with the lockout master Key thereby locking out the original master key. Tenants are not affected. The security of the enterprise is not compromised and expensive re-keying of all cylinders is avoided.

7 Restricted Keyways (CISA only) Restricted keyways prevent duplication of keys at local key cutting outlets thereby increasing the level of security offered. New keys must be cut at Austen’s Lock and with authorisation of nominated person at client.

8 Benefits of Master Key Convenience Security function can access and lock areas easily with master key Improved access for emergency services i.e. fire & ambulance, police etc. Austen’s Lock retain copy of master key allocations for future key requirements

9 Benefits of Master Key Security Protected MK system prevents unauthorised duplication of keys GMK creates secure MK sub sections within a premises. Construction MK retains integrity of MK systems while contractors complete the project. Lockout Master Key protects integrity of system when GMK is lost or stolen. Restricted Key ways prevent unauthorised duplication

10 The End. Thank You for your time!! Should you wish to discuss these or any other products please contact: Alec Austen Tel: (011) 815 5160 Fax: (011) 815 6088

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