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Made by Sarah Kendall 5/6T 2011

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1 Made by Sarah Kendall 5/6T 2011

2 Who was the main leader of The Stolen Generation?
The main leader of The Stolen Generation was A.O Neville (know as Mr. Devil, that’s what the aboriginal children called him.) He was in charge of the removal of the aboriginals, he also was in charge of the W.A Protector of the Aborigines from When the Stolen Generation first started the King at the time was Charles the 2nd. He sent a man called Henry Brougham Loch to take the aboriginals. Henry was born on the 23rd of May 1827 and he died on the 20th of June He was a Scottish soldier, colonial administrator and governor of Victoria at the time. While the Stolen Generation happened the white people took about 100,000 aboriginal children. First they thought they were doing something to help the aboriginals because the white people thought that the aboriginals were savages. So that’s why they took them, and also to give them a better education. After a couple of years they also decided that taking them would help increase the population elsewhere in Australia. They wanted the aboriginals to fit into the white people’s culture.

3 Example: If I went up to someone and said: “Can I have your X-box and your 3D DS?” you would say a big “NO!” So how would you feel if someone smashed the door down and took it anyway, or something you loved most. If you can’t even let go of your X-box or your 3D DS how would it feel if someone took a member of your family or anything else precious.

4 Stolen Generation Information
It was from 100,000 aboriginal children were taken. It was by forced removal. Kevin Rudd made the “Sorry Speech”. The Aboriginals couldn’t stop it from happening. Many hearts were broken. Aboriginal children stayed there for the rest of their lives. Many children died. Many Families didn’t see each other again Not many aborigines were happy about it.


6 Did the mothers ever go after there children when they got stolen?
Yes. Most of the mothers did go after their children when they were stolen. Also the children went after there mothers. Some of the children traveled for miles. But when they were traveling some of the died. The children had to escape the school or area they were in without anyone seeing. Most of the families never saw each other again.


The sorry speech was made to apologize for the decisions made a long time ago by Mr. Neville and the King of England. Also in the sorry speech there is a special mention by Mr. Rudd. He said “

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