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The Stolen Generation 1.

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1 The Stolen Generation 1

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Rabbit Proof Fence - Stolen Generations 2

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4 The most infamous institutions are the following
—Bill Simon, taken away aged 10 [35] Kahlin Compound, Darwin Cootamundra Aboriginal Girls' Home which operated from 1911 to 1969. Parramatta Girls' Home which operated from 1887 until 1986 Box Hill Boys Home, Melbourne Bomaderry Children's Home (United Aborigines Mission) which operated from 24 May 1908 to 1981. Mittagong Boys Home Kinchela Aboriginal Boys' Home (Kinchela Training Institution) which moved to Kempsey in 1924 and closed in 1970. Institutions in NSW where stolen Aboriginal children were brought to be trained as domestics or labourers. The Bungalow, AliceSprings Kempsey 4

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6 Stories and Quotes. We were each handed a pair of pyjamas with a number Mr Borland, the manager, had given us earlier printed on the pocket, and a shirt and pair of shorts also. I was number 33. Not Bill. Not even Simon. Just number 33. —Bill Simon, taken away aged 10 [35] There is no black or white, we are both of those. I am black and I am white. We were the product of white men raping our taditional women. We were an embarrassment. No-one wanted us. They just wanted us out of the way. —Zita Wallace, taken aged eight years [42] I grew up feeling alone, a black girl in a white world, and I resented them for trying to make me white but they couldn't wash away thousands of years of dreaming.—Aunty Rhonda Collard, member of the Stolen Generations 6

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10 The world watched as Australia said 'Sorry'

11 Thankyou for watching 

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