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GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP It starts at school! Unesco Atheneum Koekelberg.

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1 GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP It starts at school! Unesco Atheneum Koekelberg

2 “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.”

3 4 THEMES ASPnet and UN priorities Education for Sustainable Development Peace and human rights Intercultural learning

4 Yearly projects for all our students GWP: Project week Global education Amnesty International South Say: Solidarity Action day Movement in Europe (Inter)cultural activities Sustainable Development – MOS ( care for environment at school) MEP ( Model European Parliament) (4 de jaar) Europarliament


6 Amnesty International

7 Global Education One theme, this year: sustainable development How? Workshops, theater, visits, etc. For all students: at school and outside: trips to organizations


9 Unesco Teachers Day Annual meeting of the Flemish UNESCO schools on International Teachers Day Meeting teachers on joint projects Meeting students on joint projects


11 UNESCO workshop with students Unesco-High School Make pupils think! Is it your problem?




15 It is OUR problem!

16 European and worldwide projects Europe in the classroom Europe in the MEP (Model European Parliament) Visit of the embassy of the USA in Brussels Visit of the Belgian embassy in Madrid



19 Commemoration education: we shall never forget! World War II: Breendonk, Dossinkazerne, Auschwitz Interviews last witnesses Mondial day on the violation of human rights in wars and conflicts World War I: Visit of Flanders Fields Participation in the big concert “1000 voices for peace” commemorating WWI



22 Particating in concert ‘1000 voices for Peace’


24 Our Choir: COLOM

25 Voces Musicales (Estonia) in our school

26 Sustainable Development Sing for the climate Mobility Plan: come to school walking, by bicycle or by public transport Thick sweatherday: turn down the heating at school Many actions during schoolyear

27 UNESCO-workshops: how to make the difference? Encouraging the students to work for social projects Encouraging the students to participate in projects and competitions Exchanging programs Unesco, MEP, BBC, etc. HOW to make world citizens from our students?



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