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Niagara Falls. Introduction Overview of the Falls Accommodations Entertainment Winery’s/Tours Casino Niagara.

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1 Niagara Falls

2 Introduction Overview of the Falls Accommodations Entertainment Winery’s/Tours Casino Niagara

3 Overview (Niagara region) Popular Tourist Destination: - Approximately 18 million visitors annually Renowned for Niagara Falls and the wine route Also consists of many golf courses, museums, & a casino Targets all possible markets: whole families, retirees, newlyweds, sportsmen, and history, gambling or wine lovers

4 Overview (Niagara Falls) The principle focus for the tourist development of the region The most notorious Canadian attraction A breathtaking natural spectacle? Or The second greatest disappointment in the married life after the wedding night?

5 Accommodations Wide range of Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts There are over 135 hotels and motels to choose from in the Niagara Falls region All range in price and luxury An average cost for a mid to higher end hotel room that over looks the falls and is walking distance to most of the attractions - between $218 - $600 (2 nights) Packages start from $89.00

6 Entertainment Shops Museums Aquariums Maid of the Mist Lookout Tower Golf Theaters Seasonal Events

7 PsychocentricAllocentricOverview Maid of the MistA boat ride around the base of the falls. Cost: $13.00 Adult $ 8.00 Child Group Rates Available Butterfly ConservationA look at many rare species of Butterflies and enjoy many of the exotic plants Guinness Book of world Records Museum A look at the different records set over the last 100 years Wax Museum Wax creations of famous celebrities and other important people Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum Looks at very strange and amazing things people have done over the years. Not for the faint of heart. Aquarium Where you can look at different species of fish and feel like you are under the ocean floor Entertainment

8 Entertainment (cont) African Lion SafariWhere you can feel like you are in the middle of Africa and have interaction with the animals IMAX Theatre You can experience movies and documentaries on a huge screen or in 3D Movie Land: Museum of Stars You can learn about your favourite stars and see much of their memorabilia Fighter CombatThe chance to go up in a jet and feel what its like to be in a dog fight. Flights start from $195.

9 Wine tours of Ontario One of the most beautiful areas for touring (Niagara Escarpment) Have been operating out of the Niagara-on-the-Lake since 1992 Offer a variety of individual, corporate, and group tours Can be experienced by van, coach bus or bicycle Has been recognized Internationally for some of the finest wines in the world

10 Packages/Prices Range in price & amenities to satisfy a wide range of customers For example: The Harbour House Hotel Package - $218.00/person (double occupancy, mid- week) - Luxurious 2 night stay, full breakfast buffet - Personal wine tour to 3 wineries

11 Packages/Prices...Cont’d… For example: Afternoon or Day Wine Tour - Visit 3 wineries - $55.00 per person (no lunch) - $85.00 per person (lunch provided)

12 Target Market Company’s objective – “Discover nature. Discover the vineyards. Discover your senses.” Satisfies both: allocentric & psychocentric travelers Demographically: older, more sophisticated guests However, less expensive packages are available This gives more individuals the opportunity to get a “taste” of what the Niagara region has to offer.

13 Casino Niagara Over 2,800 slot and video poker machines on four levels (nickels - $100 slots) 135 table games including; Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai- Gow, Three-Card Poker, and Let it Ride.

14 Casino Niagara Numerous places to dine including; Twenty One, The Grand Café, The Market Restaurant, Perks Café, Terrace Food Court, Planet Hollywood, and Hard Rock Café There are also a number of places to stay including; Sheraton on the Falls, Skyline Inn, Sheraton Fallsview Hotel, Embassy Suites Hotel, Marriott Niagara Fallsview, and the Hilton Niagara Falls. - Prices vary from $89per/night to $129per/night* * Based on standard room and double occupancy with a city view.

15 Did you know…… Casino Niagara offers the Player Advantage Club card which can earn you points based on your play. Every 100 points is worth $6.00 Casino Niagara’s attendance is 6 million people annually (16,400per/day). Casino Niagara has the highest gross revenue of all of Ontario's Casino’s with $650 million annually ($54.2 million per/month).

16 Current Promotions for the Region Casino NiagaraHotels / B & B’s Niagara wine tours Internet ●●● Brochures ●●● T.V. Ad ● ● Price Options ●● Newspaper ● ● Hotel Lobbies ●●● Tour Magazines ●●● Airport ● Subway/Bus Ad ●

17 Suggestions to Increase the Promotion of the Region Introduce promotions at LCBO locations for the wine tours. Continue to offer less expensive packages for accomodations & wine tours. Diversify advertisments so individuals are aware of the many entertainment options available besides The Casino & The Falls. Increase accomodation packages that cater to different lifestyles. Increase television advertisments.

18 Go Visit Niagara Falls


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