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Corporate Overview December 1, 2007. To develop and deploy customized software, consulting, and training solutions for the law enforcement, emergency.

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1 Corporate Overview December 1, 2007

2 To develop and deploy customized software, consulting, and training solutions for the law enforcement, emergency management, and homeland security markets. We provide first responders and law enforcement officers with tools and skills that improve community services, communications, preparedness, and emergency response. We exist to deliver public safety solutions that bring homeland security home and improve the quality of life in our communities.

3  Ryte Byte, Inc. (Ryte Byte”) is a 25-year-old Baraboo, Wisconsin-based software and technology development company specializing in transportation, mapping and logistics software solutions for the commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, and government markets.  In 2006, developed Lynx Sentinel™, a software program designed for police, county sheriff departments, law enforcement and government agencies to identify, manage and track crime incidents, emergency events, hazardous materials, and registered sex offender violations through a single software program.  In June 2007, received an Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Homeland Security Market Development (HSMD) Innovative Product Grant (IPG) to develop higher level law enforcement and homeland security applications for Lynx Sentinel™.

4  Ryte Byte Homeland Security, Inc. (“RBHS”) is a privately held, Illinois corporation created in October 2007 to lead the commercial development and deployment of the Lynx Sentinel™ suite of software solutions in the law enforcement, public safety and homeland security markets.  Exclusive licensee of Lynx Sentinel™ within law enforcement, public safety and homeland security markets.  RBHS will offer complementary products and services to support and improve the overall operations and delivery of public safety and first responder communications and preparedness. Anticipated offerings include:  Grant Identification and Proposal Development – assist law enforcement agencies to identify and apply for grants from the Department of Justice, National Sheriffs’ Association and others.  Tier One Tactical Training Solutions – deliver fundamental and specialized skill set training to improve preparedness of law enforcement officers.

5  Maris J. Licis, President  15 years of business development and corporate finance experience with early and expansion stage companies.  5+ years of experience in public safety/homeland security markets specializing in IT security software, mobile communications, tactical training and preparedness solutions, and compliance and certification.  Thomas V. Canepa, Vice President  20+ years of experience as legal counsel to software and technology companies; participated in beta developments and project management.  Served as counsel on numerous transactions and ventures involving technology and intellectual property-based companies.  5+ years as Vice President of Applications Development for Ryte Byte, Inc.; Led movement of Ryte Byte into Homeland Security market.  Joseph H. Canepa, President & CTO – Ryte Byte, Inc.  Founded Ryte Byte, Inc. in 1983.  25+ years of experience engineering innovative, state-of-the-art, easy-to-use software solutions.

6  Ryan P. Stiles  Appointed by President Bush as Deputy Counsel to the Homeland Security Council and a member of White House Counsel’s Office.  Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Department of Border Enforcement for the United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.  Lectured on homeland and national security to a wide variety of audiences, including the Naval War College, the U.S. Pacific Command, and U.S. Coast Guard Academy; provides political commentary for the BBC and has been interviewed on CNN and other news outlets.  Matthew W. McNamara  Worldwide Operations Manager and Senior Manger, Tactical Training Group for Triple Canopy, Inc.  Deputy Chief, Department of Community Supervision and Intervention, Cook County Sheriff’s Office  13 years of advanced law enforcement tactical training operations and instruction; specialist in terrorism response and emergency and incident management.

7  Target Market - State and local government spending on communication technology will rise from $3.2 billion in 2006 to $4.4 billion by 2011 as public safety agencies look for ways to collaborate and share information during critical situations.  Windows®-based geospatial database software program that automatically plots on a map or satellite image locations of sex offenders, protected areas (schools, playgrounds, churches, bus stops, day care centers), crime events, hazardous materials, and emergency incidents.  Lynx Sentinel™ can map and track people, property and incidents in real time with the wide variety of GPS devices available in the market and provides time-sensitive information via SMS, email or audible alerts.  Open-architecture enables interoperability with various law enforcement software technologies and improves agency and department compliance with federal, state and local emergency management and readiness plans.

8  RBHS and Ryte Byte co-developing customized versions of Lynx Sentinel™ to address the specific requirements of specialized first responders:  Lynx Sentinel™ SWAT  Lynx Sentinel™ HazMat  Lynx Sentinel™ SAR (Search & Rescue)  Lynx Sentinel™ EMS  Lynx Sentinel™ Homeland Security  Deliver real-time tools and functionality necessary to help first responders and public safety personnel investigate, identify, evaluate and communicate the information necessary to plan, train, and respond to natural and man-made disasters and a wide array of incidents in a timely, coordinated and effective manner.  Equip law enforcement and public safety agencies with the analytical tools necessary to help prevent incidents.  To date, $250,000 invested in Lynx Sentinel™ development.

9  There are a number of established companies including ESRI, SunGard HTE, and GIS Dynamics that offer proven GIS/mapping products that can be used to track sex offenders. Unfortunately, many of these enterprise-level solutions are expensive to acquire, require significant training to operate, and reside within the IT/GIS department.  Lynx Sentinel™ was designed specifically for smaller-sized and budgeted agencies to provide them with similar state-of-the-art tools, information and technology that large agencies are enjoying at a fraction of the cost. Lynx Sentinel™ is:  Installed and operational in hours and requires significantly less training.  Designed from a grassroots perspective with the law enforcement officer rather than the IT/GIS department in mind.  User friendly. Reports and alerts are easy to understand and at a user’s fingertips. Ability to share information easily over an internal network or the Internet.  Cost-effective. Visual interface with satellite maps without requiring expensive GIS software.  Time saving. No need to interface with IT/GIS department to produce reports. End user defines the information managed and no limitations to what can be tracked.

10  The 1994 Jacob Wetterling Act requires the States to register individuals convicted of sex crimes against children.  May 17, 1996, President Clinton signed Megan's Law, which requires Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification.  May 17, 2006, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales launched the U.S. Department of Justice’s Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative aimed at preventing the exploitation of kids through the Internet.  On July 27, 2006 President Bush signed the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act – resulted in the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (  Jessica’s Law was approved by 70% of California voters in 2006 - bars registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park where children gather. Florida and Iowa have passed similar laws.

11  All adult sex offenders in the United States are listed on the Internet with a photograph and address, yet sex offenders tend to be highly transient because of the stigma attached to their crimes.  Because of the sheer number of offenders police and local law enforcement agencies are asked to track and legislation like Jessica’s Law imposing residency restrictions, many sex offenders simply vanish into the shadows and become non-compliant.  United States: 100,000+ unaccounted-for sex offenders out of the more than 600,000 who should be registered.  Illinois: 22,000+ registered sex offenders with approximately 1,800 non-compliant - 20% are classified as sexual predators, sexually dangerous or sexually violent, or are convicted murderers of children. These are very dangerous people who are extremely likely to re- offend.  Recidivism rate for sex offenders exceeds 50%.

12  Provide users with tools to effectively and efficiently track sex offenders and comply with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances regarding sex offender tracking and notification.  Lynx Sentinel™:  Maps sex offender locations - home, work, and others.  Maps protected locations - day care centers, schools, bus stops, etc.  Tracks sex offender check-in and reporting.  Generates numerous reports for management of sex offenders.  Tracks sex offenders in real time with GPS bracelets and warns of protected area violations by SMS, email or audible alerts.  Saves time by automatically calculating distances between sex offenders and protected areas.  Provides easy-to-read and understand visual interface.  Lynx Sentinel has been successfully field tested with the assistance of three law enforcement agencies in the State of Georgia led by the Gordon County Sheriff’s Department.

13  Maris J. Licis Ryte Byte Homeland Security, Inc.  35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1782 Chicago, Illinois 60601  Tel: 312-933-5970  Fax: 312-896-5178  

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