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David Doubilet Best Photographers Helga design.

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2 David Doubilet Best Photographers Helga design



5 David Doubilet is honored to have his underwater imagery considered to be among the best by editors, peers and colleagues the world over. Born in New York City in 1946, David began shooting underwater at the age of 12 using a Brownie Hawkeye camera in an improvised housing - a rubber anesthesiologist’s bag from his father’s hospital.
















21 Music :Sailing - Rod Stewart Helga -June 2008 visit :

22 Many things changed in Burma 1. We no longer pay Embassy tax $150 per month. 2. Fly back to Ygn, no under table payment at Immigration & custom for electronic items. 3. US dollar can bring back to Burma & use it on the street without fear 4. One SIM card will be kyat 5000 (S$10 dollars) soon. 5. Everybody access internet or handphone freely. In politic 1. In Jan 2012, most of 88 generation and political prisoners released. 2. Media opened. Many weekly journals publish DASSK picture 3. NLD party is competing 48 seat at Parliament and DASSK also one of candidate 4. Presiddent U Thein Sein meet DASSK under General Aung San picture 5. Chinese domination in business is fading. USA, Japan, Britain, Norway..etc are coming by their foreign minister's visit 6. Formerly enemy of Burmese government George Soros visit 7 days to Burma. 7. Senior General U Than Shwe retired and elected parliament started...etc On going 1. Student after 10 standard, still going aboard to study 2. People still going aboard (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand..etc) to work 3. No oversea Burmese (especially from Singapore) never go back to start their new career in Burma. (Still NO TRUST & RELIABILITY) 4. Poor people are too poor and RICH PEOPLE ARE TOO RICH (EX.Generals & Drug lord cronies families).. 5. ATTITUDE: Still paying a lot of corruption at low level.. because "moral attitude" already spoiled. 7. ATTITUDE: Still don't want to follow BOSS's instruction. Also, alway as thinking to be "one time business".. by bribing the top level people. 8. ATTITUDE: Still talking a lot. Work less because no job market in Burma. (most Burmese citizens are broker, gambler, kun-ya eater, tea drinkers.. Ha Ha Ha :) January 2012

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