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MEDEX Global Solutions Presentation for the State University of New York October 2010.

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1 MEDEX Global Solutions Presentation for the State University of New York October 2010

2 2 The Power of ONE

3 3 Services & Benefits Monitoring of Treatment Facilitation of Hospital Payment Continuous Updates to Family and SUNY Administrator (HIPPA compliant) Medical Evacuation to nearest appropriate facility=Transport to Higher Level of Care Transportation to Join Hospitalized Member =3 day family reunion benefit with $2,500.00 economy airfare benefit Transportation after evacuation Security/Political Evacuation benefit of $100,000.00 per person per emergency security situation with 7 day window. Return of Dependent Children Emergency Travel Arrangements Repatriation of Mortal Remains

4 4 OFAC Excluded Countries - Office of Foreign Assets Control CUBA – medical/political/security evacuations excluded IRAN – political/security evacuations excluded NORTH KOREA – political/security evacuations excluded

5 5 Medical Evacuation Emergent and unforeseen medical condition and need for immediate treatment Low level of care available for the specific treatment needed Emergent need for rehabilitation or further treatment

6 6 Emergency Response Center – The Heart of MEDEX Located in Baltimore, MD / Back-up in Houston, TX 24/7/365 case management and monitoring Staffed according to the international time zones for language capabilities and cultural diversity Communication hub for travelers, families, insurance companies, employers, etc. All calls recorded Comprises: –Chief Operating Officer –Medical Director –Director of the ERC –Assistance Coordinators –Team Leaders –Nurse Managers –Trainers –Resource Development –Security and Intelligence Professionals –Risk Management Team –Travel Professionals

7 7 Assistance Coordinators Multilingual logistical experts Monitor treatment of patients Update family members and company, as necessary Ongoing milestones and training programs Update insurance company Assist with claims Assist throughout entire case, until no longer requested by patient or family

8 8 MEDEX Physician Advisors Form a network of 72 global physicians Skilled in more than 36 specialties and subspecialties Speak more than 35 languages Credentialed every two years Board certified, meet international standards of medicine Experts in evacuation process and medicine in their region of the world 24-hour availability Knowledge of local medicine Long Standing Commitment to MEDEX Dr. Henry Wilde. Specialties: Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, Internal Medicine. Languages: English, Thai, German. Serves on World Health Organization expert committees, consultant to American Embassy in Bangkok

9 9 Medical Resources 11,000+ preferred medical providers 115 Centers of Excellence –MEDEX certified evacuation destinations –Best and most advanced in region –Greatest diagnostic and treatment capabilities –Best nursing practices –Meet international standards of care –Work with international travelers –Pass extensive MEDEX credentialing process Maintain “Do Not Use” list

10 10 Repatriation = return to home Need for rehabilitation or further, ongoing treatment Patient can not continue tasks due to an accident, illness or unforeseen medical condition Repatriation of mortal remains

11 11 Credentialed Air Ambulances More than 130 providers around the world 450 aircraft that can be deployed on a moment’s notice Best onboard equipment and medical staff Highest level of safety standards Credentialed every three years, reviewing aircraft, equipment, crews, training, and maintenance –Quality assurance practices –Licenses and certifications –Flight crew and medical crew –Onboard equipment and medication –Tenure as an air ambulance company

12 12 Pandemic Situations In the event that a member is exposed or infected and requires medical care, the current MEDEX Secure program for the university will provide support in locating care and support transportation, should care be unavailable, to a facility capable of providing appropriate care. However, the existence of a disease, even one declared a pandemic, does not trigger either the indemnified medical or security benefits. MEDEX can assist in arranging travel; however, the costs are not reimbursed. In the event of a significant pandemic impact, indications are that travel will be restricted and that medical isolation or quarantine will be effected around the globe. This will likely result in coordination and oversight of care on a localized basis because evacuations may be severely limited by travel and related restrictions, particularly because governmental resources may begin to control all care in many places.

13 13 Medical Case Flow Illness or Injury... Call comes into the Emergency Response Center MEDEX Medical Director and Physician Advisor review medical report Patient transferred to higher level of care, if necessary Care monitored or patient moved to Center of Excellence MEDEX monitors treatment Regular updates to organization and family Assist family with travel arrangements Patient safely returned to worksite or back home

14 14 Would you rather be here...

15 15...or here?

16 16 Political or Security Evacuation Triggers Home or host country evacuation notice - all citizens of a country must leave State Department evacuation notice All non-essential persons should leave Expelled or declared “persona non grata” Personal safety threatened MEDEX deems situation unstable or dangerous

17 17 Security and Intelligence Services Security Assessments anywhere in the world Dedicated 24/7 security personnel Capabilities in 200 plus countries, 500 plus non-US cities Manages 60 plus operations daily Extensive agent network in 250 major cities worldwide Evacuation services via air, ground and sea 24-hour monitoring of world events Continuous information delivery Destination intelligence Airline Intelligence and Aviation Safety Real-time intelligence offerings –World Watch ® –Global Monitoring –Travel Security Manager

18 18 Emergency Evacuation Support Intelligence updates will keep you informed of potential and escalating conditions to allow you to properly manage the situation and not be caught of guard Ground, air and sea support for the prompt withdrawal of staff and dependents from a designated country or city The provision of necessary equipment and personnel to assist in a safe and cost effective evacuation The Evacuation Support involves four phases: –Warning –Preparation –Assembly –Evacuation

19 19 Additional Services Offered Training and Planning –Crisis Management Planning –Executive Tabletop Exercise Services –Desktop Intelligence Assessments Risk Assessment –Risk & Vulnerability Assessments –Specialized Risk Assessments –On-Site Physical Location Assessments –Site Protection, Engineering and Design –Personal Protection Consulting –Advanced Technical Services Emergency Response –Emergency Response & Evacuation Mgmt. –Emergency Consultations –Post Incident Asset & Property Protection Retail Products –Travel Medical Insurance –Evacuation Protection –Travel & Communication Products –Medical Kits –Post Incident Services Legal/Financial Investigative Services –Background Screening –Pre-Employment Checks –Public Records Research (Local, State & Federal) –Surveillance (Undercover, Corporate, Domestic) –Patent & Trademark Violations –Locates / Skip Traces –Forensic Psychological Consulting –Financial / Asset Searches –Expert Testimony & Litigation Support –Other Investigative Support On-the-Ground Services –Secure Ground Transportation Services –Security Trained Drivers –VIP Meet & Greet –Executive Protection & Security Escorts –Special Events –Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion Response Aviation –Aircraft / Helicopter Charter Mgmt. –Charter Aviation Safety Audits –Aircraft Security Management

20 20 Account Management You will be supported by a Client Relations Team that has more than 64 years of combined experience in the travel assistance industry Dedicated Client Relations Manager –Establishes account-specific criteria and Case Handling Instructions –Manages administrative functions –Provides utilization reviews –Gives product and program training

21 21 Letters of Confirmation SUNY”s medical evacuation benefit is unlimited but consulates and embassies need a dollar amount, therefore state that member is covered in excess of $50,000.00 USD as well as Euro 55,000 for medical evacuation and repatriation expenses, during his/her stay in Schengen countries for medical emergencies, including emergency evacuation and repatriation expenses.

22 22 Bottom Line... Anywhere in the World, We Can Provide The Best Medical, Security, Travel, and Intelligence Solutions That Exist Today

23 23 MEDEX Online Member Center Information about your program Detailed program description Listing of international toll-free numbers Online access to open cases through the Internet Electronic ID cards

24 24 MEDEX 360º m Global Medical Monitor Available through your Member Center Partnership with Harvard Medical International Health information for 236 countries and territories: –Quality of care and hospital details –Emergency care –Medication, blood and medical supplies –Paying for healthcare –Vaccination and immunization –Details for prevalent diseases –Much more

25 25 World Watch ® Available through your Member Center Security Information for 197 countries and 300 cities: –In-depth risk forecasting and analysis (political and security) –Digital maps –Real-time alerts –Detailed and continuous coverage of breaking events –Threat level ratings –Country and city profiles –Essential travel and cultural data –Transportation concerns and safety –Detailed airport information –Calendar of significant events

26 26 BEDBUGS OMG!!!! The New York metro area has the worst infestation in the United States, with over 4000 bed bug reports.

27 27 is devoted to keeping your travelers safe and healthy. We have the compassion to deliver experienced, thoughtful, and immediate support when you need it most. The power of ONE.

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