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Part I: Petrine Era (1) “Catch and Overtake”. L02 Overview Introduction Contexts Petrine State-Building.

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1 Part I: Petrine Era (1) “Catch and Overtake”

2 L02 Overview Introduction Contexts Petrine State-Building

3 I. Introduction 1.Historiography 2.Sources 3.Themes 4.Images

4 Peter’s Birth (1672)

5 Peter’s First Boat Pereslavl-Zalesskii Museum

6 Peter the Great 1695 Engraving

7 Peter: Certified as Shipbuilding Master

8 Peter: 1695 Engraving

9 Youthful Peter

10 F. Lefort

11 Alexander Menshikov

12 Peter’s Signature

13 Peter to Mother, 1695

14 Peter’s “Great Embassy” to Europe (1697-98)

15 II. Foreign Policy A.Ties with the West B.War 1.Turkey 1695 2.Great Northern War 1700-1721 3.Turkish War 1710

16 Peter’s Shipbuilding Studies

17 Peter in London 1698

18 First Petrine Ship: “Predestination” (1698-1700)

19 Peter: Sketch of Shipyard Crane

20 Peter: 1703 Letter

21 On Peter’s Visit to France 1717 “What he ate and drank at his two regular meals is inconceivable... a bottle or two of beer, as many more of wine, and, occasionaly, liquors afterward; at the end of the meal strong drinks, such as brandy, as much sometimes as a quart.”

22 Peter Meets Young Louis XV

23 Peter at Poltava (1709)

24 “Domik Petra Velikogo”

25 Celebratory Fireworks (1704)

26 Peter and “Generalisimus Shein” (1704)

27 Peter at Poltava (1709)

28 Peter: “Father of His Country”

29 Peter: 1722 Portrait

30 Peter: 1724 Portrait

31 Peter Saving Sailors (1724)

32 Peter in Coffin (1725)

33 Peter’s Tomb

34 “Bronze Horseman” Spb, 1767-82

35 Moscow Monument to Peter 1999

36 Atomic Missile Cruiser “Peter the Great”

37 II. Contexts 1.European State-Building a.Dynamics b.Development theory: mercantilism cameralism (Kameralwissenschaft) c.Prescriptive absolutism 2. Baseline: Russia in 1689 a.Monarchy b.State c.Army d.Society

38 III. Petrine State-Building 1.Dynamics: military/diplomatic, cultural 2.Petrine Theory a.Etatisme b.“Self-regulated state” c.Polizeistaat d.Personal Absolutism 3.Petrine Style

39 Russia under Peter the Great

40 Europe: Recognizes Young Peter

41 Peter: Announcing Treaty of Nystad (1721)

42 Petrine Silver Ruble

43 Peter’s Imperial Seal

44 1724: Role of Policy (Polizei) Policy (Police) has its special calling: which is to intervene to protect justice and rights, to generate good order and morals, to guarantee safety from thieves, robbers, rapists, and extortionists, to extirpate disordered and loose living. It binds everyone to labor and an honest profession.... It defends widows, orphans and foreigners in accordance with God’s law, educates the young in chaste purity and honest learning; in short, for all of these, the police is the soul of citizenship and of all good order.”

45 Creative Law-Making PeriodTotal LawsLaws Per Annum 1700-170950050 1710-17191238124 1720-251200240

46 Monarch’s Power 1716 Military Code His Majesty is an autocratic monarch, who is not obliged to answer for his actions to anyone on earth, but who possesses power and authority, the state, and land. As a Christian sovereign, he rules in accordance with his will and wish.

47 IV. Conclusions 1.Pan-European process: prescriptive absolutism 2.Continuity: state development 3.Discontinuity: theory, pace 4.Legitimacy: Piety, Patrimony + Persona, Power, Prosperity 5.Sovereign and state (gosudar’ and gosudarstvo) 6.Depersonalize: Peter and Petrovian Elite

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