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2 Goals of the Study Trip: For students to acquire a stronger grasp of the German language Opportunity to visit historical and cultural attractions Learn more about Germany and its current political, economic & social environments

3 Münster on the map

4 Münster (13. - 29. Mai 2001) Homestay Language course Activities such as Stadtführung, Kuchenbacken, etc. Daytrips to Essen & Münsterland Weekend in Cologne

5 Homestay First impressions Background of guest families Allocation of students with families Cultural exchange Up-close observation of life in Germany Practice of conversational German

6 Homestay Fellow student Dawn with her host family. Group photo at the Blau-Weiss Aasee

7 Language Course Münster University Morning lessons Revision Practical usage of the German learnt through activities, ie. planning of holidays.

8 Activities Additional activities in the afternoons Kuchenbacken Stadtführung Visit to the Stadtmuseum Trip to Amsterdam Cooking for the Abschiedsparty

9 Daytrip to Münsterland Us posing in the beautiful grounds of Nordkirchen A group of us at the Mühlenhof

10 Daytrip to Essen RAG Aktiengesellschaft Briefing about the company’s foundation and activities. Taken on a tour of the company’s many ventures in the Ruhrgebiet Old coal-mining sites and training mine.

11 Daytrip to Essen A reminder of the region’s economic history A visit to the RAG’s training mine

12 A Weekend in Cologne Ferry ride on the Rhine River Cologne Cathedral Stopover in Bonn Haus der Geschichte (History Museum)

13 Berlin (29. Mai - 2. Juni) “Our first impression of Berlin was a city that bustled with activity and diversity.”

14 The Reichstag Home to the German parliament since 1999. No other building has been affected by the political and architectural changes as the Reichstag. Aesthetically pleasing building: Modern interiors with a glass cupola built on top of the building. The Reichstag is an apt symbol of Germany’s history and its present identity as a united country.

15 Visit to the Reichstag

16 Visit to Daimler-Chrysler Society and Technology Research Group Main function: envision alternative scenarios for their Southeast Asian customers Workshop

17 Visit to Daimler-Chrysler Two members of our group giving their presentations.

18 Singapore Embassy Visit Hosted by Ms. Sharon Tan, 1st Secretary to Singapore’s ambassador to Germany: Prof. Walter Woon Discussion about the Embassy’s duties & responsibilities Life as a Singaporean in a foreign country

19 Visit to the Singapore Embassy The group with the Ambassador and Ms. Tan

20 Checkpoint Charlie & Mauermuseum Checkpoint Charlie: infamous border checkpoint Mauermuseum: An exhibition chronicling the attempts of East Germans to escape to the West. Features the contraptions used, photographs and even paintings Depicts the desperate situation experienced by East Germans

21 Checkpoint Charlie & Mauermuseum

22 Different ministerial buildings of the Nazi govt were concentrated in the area, including the Gestapo headquarters. A remaining piece of the Berlin wall borders the grounds of the exhibition Topographie des Terror

23 Münich (2. - 6. Juni 2001) Marienplatz

24 Dachau Concentration Camp a training ground for the extermination camps of Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, etc. site of pseudo-scientific experiments & mass executions 1st camp for communists & social democrats

25 Dachau Concentration Camp Dachau Memorial Museum Old site of prisoners’ barracks

26 Daytrip to the Zugspitze “We took a cogwheel train uphill from Garmisch-Paterkirchen, overlooking valleys and emerald lakes; then a cable-car ride to the summit.”

27 Visit to Bayerische Landesbank Short tour of the bank white sausage breakfast lecture on the BLB lecture about bank system in Germany visit of the BLB-Art Galerie and money- office lunch at the Landesboden Kreditanstalt

28 Visit to Allianz Insurance Tour and introduction to architectural details of the main building Allianz Center for Corporate History: - an overview of the full range of insurance lines - evolution of the Allianz logo to its present incarnation -collection of fire insurance signs of German insurance companies from the 19th and 20th centuries

29 Visit to Allianz Insurance Important Relics of Allianz’s History

30 Academy for Political Education Akademie für Politische Studien, Tutzing An independent institution catering to civic groups & civil servants General discussion on German politics & social issues


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