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EUAS European association of Holocaust survivors.

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1 EUAS European association of Holocaust survivors

2 Conference is organized by: - European Association of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust - Association of Holocaust survivors in Croatia, - Jewish Community in Zagreb and - Representative of Jewish national minority in Zagreb

3 European Association of Holocaust Child Survivors EUAS European Association of Holocaust child survivors, is umbrella organization for associations and groups of Holocaust (child) survivors, who presently live in Western, Eastern and Central Europe. EUAS has been founded in Prague in 2001, and since then annual meetings was held in Prague, Zagreb, Bratislava, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, London and Warsaw. The key mission of EUAS is to represent the interest of the Holocaust survivors, to obtain for them justice in support and restitution, to keep the memory of the Holocaust victims alive, to participate in Holocaust education, to promote tolerance and fight against anti-Semitism.

4 Dr.Švob Melita, president of Association of Holocaust survivors in Croatia welcome Participants in the Auditorium of Jewish community Zagreb

5 On the photos are distinguish guests: Prof. Neven Budak, Dr. Dragan Primorac, Aleksander Tolnauer, Itai Bar Dov,Vladimir Raspudić and Max Arpels Lezer

6 Itai Bar Dov, Israeli Embassy Dr. Švob receives education material about Holocaust from Israeli Embassy Prof. Dragan Prikmorac from CIBC Vladimir Raspudić Embassy BiH Dr.Željko Heimer JC Zagreb AleksandarTolnauer Coordination of National Minorities Max Arpels Lezer, EUAS president Welcome speech

7 The first speaker was Prof. Neven Budak, historian : Lesson: Holocaust education in Croatia

8 Panel Jews in Europe today Melita Švob, Max Arpels Lezer, Hania Rosenberg i Aleksandra Kopystynska

9 Max Arpels Lezer, president of EUAS, with participants of the conference

10 Lecture of Chana Arnon, Israel: Jews who saved Jews, translation Dr. Melita Švob

11 Lunch in the Jewish community Zagreb

12 Opening the exhibition:Holocaust in Croatia

13 Exhibition of books published by Jewish Community Zagreb

14 Books about Holocaust Books about Jewish communities Exhibition details

15 Welcome dinner

16 Dinner

17 Ola Kopystynska, Representative from Poland Guests from Serbia and Zagreb

18 Entertaiment : Jewish community dancing group Or Hašemeš

19 Jewsers Kletzmer orchestra Entertaiment

20 Cemetery in Đakovo for victims of the concentration camp

21 Commemoration on cemetery in Đakovo - Holocaust survivors from all ex-Yugoslavia

22 Cemetery in Đakovo - speech from dr. Ruben Fuchs, Serbia Speech from Bjanka Auslender, survivor from the camp Đakovo

23 Leading a wreaths in Đakovo cemetery J.C. Zagreb J.C.Osijek J.C. Sarajevo

24 Caddish by rabbi Luciano Moshe Prelević Memorial on the place where was camp Đakovo

25 On the way to Đakovo Hania Rosenberg i Ola Kapystynska

26 Lunch organized by Jewish community Osijek for Holocaust survivors

27 Post-conference tours - Plitvice lakes

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